Oddball Alphabet... The Letter D

Yo ho ho! It’s Monday, and time for the fourth feature in the Oddball Alphabet series! Today’s delectable dose of devilry is brought to you by The Letter D; a character that is suited to hatching evil plans, and plotting schemes to take over the world… dastardly, diabolical, doomed! Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Diabolical Dastardly Art Print

Messy Hair Art Print and Daschund Heat Pack

Bluebird Diorama and Bambi Deer Plush

Dork and Demolition Child Art Print

Handmade Kids Flat Cap and Miss Marple Art Print

Swiss Army Knife Art Print and Moustache T-shirt

The Letter D

Diabolical – The Ghost of V. Snidely Pandit Print by Full Frog Moon
Disheveled – Do I Really Sparkle Print by Artilue
Dachshund – Sausage Dog Heat Pack by Choochie Bubble Designs
Diorama – Wee Bird Art Box by HumbleBea’s
Doe, a Deer – Dark Chocolate Deer Plush by Follow the White Rabbit
Dorkus Maximus – Nerd Girl Print by Mint Parcel
Demolition Dude – The Best Crash in the Galaxy Print by Dwitt
Dapper Chap – Flat Cap Golfing Hat by Kissed by Kate
Dashing Detective – Marple Cake by Andrea Kett
Doohickey – Swiss Army Knife Print by Artbear
Debonair – I AM FANCY Shirt by That Bear is Knitting

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