Oddball Alphabet... The Letter B

Good morning friends, and welcome to the second feature in the Oddball Alphabet series. Today we’re honouring The Letter B with a bright and bubbly batch of handmade delights. B words are fun to say because they come flying out of your mouth like a cannonball! BBbbbbbbb….BIG!

The Letter B - Bathing Baboons Art Print

Brainiac Softie and I Love Reading Art Print

Bread & Butter Art Print and Tofu Softie

Handmade Monster Softies and Beagle Magnets

Barbarian Onesie and Bashful Art Print

James Bond Art Print and Scottish Bagpipes Paper Doll

The Letter B

Bathing Baboons – Oil Painting by Dogbatcat
Brainiac – Handmade Sock Monster by Stuf’d
Bibliophile – I Love Reading Print by Decoylab
Bread + Butter – Framed Print by Bishop Art
Bean Curd – Irked Tofu Pincushion by Button Arcade
Bamboozled – Monster Softie by Fluffels
Beagle – Magnet Set by Silly Dog
Barbarian – Helmet Onesie by Little Viking Girl
Bashful – Art Print by Jolinne
Bond, James Bond – 007 Graffiti Stencil by TheFactory101
Bagpipes – Scottish Nerdimus Paper Doll by Blue Pandemonium

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