Sunday Brunch...

Hmm… what to have for breakfast this morning? Pancakes? Toast? Bacon and Eggs? Good old fashioned Corn Flakes? One things for sure, it’ll be washed down with a strrrrrong cup of coffee! Today’s post goes to show that it’s just as much fun to play with your breakfast as it is to eat it!

Handmade Breakfast Toys, Art, Jewellery

Breakfast Buddies

1. Bacon and Eggs by BishopLennonArt … 2. Breakfast Button Set by Making Nice … 3. Toasty Bread Plushie by Dog Bone Art … 4. Kawaii Toast Necklace by Baby Loves Pink … 5. Lumberjack Breakfast Print by Matte Stephens … 6. Breakfast Play Food Set by Kid N Around Creations … 7. Croissant Necklace by PetitPlat Food Art … 8. Bowl of Cornflakes Necklace by Michelle’s Charm World … 9. Your Toast Is Ready Necklace by Dirt Road South

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