Creative Cravings... Pink and Peachy

It’s time for another round of creative cravings! As I sit here cross-legged on the floor, rummaging through my virtual treasure chest of favourite things, I notice that there’s an overload of pink things peeking out at me. So here’s a bunch of things that I liked this week… they’re pink, peachy and perfectly pretty.

Pink Handmade Toys, Art + Jewellery

Creative Cravings

*Clockwise from top

  1. Lovely Tarts Earrings by PetitPlat Food Art
  2. Stuffed Mouse by Grrl + Dog
  3. Vintage Rubber Girl Doll by Hey Yo Yo
  4. Peachy Bear by Chuka
  5. The Farmer’s Daughter Necklace by Sunny and Delilah
  6. BELIEVE IT Print by Studio Mela

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