Fresh Baked Friday... To thine twine be true!

Happy Friday! Time for some fresh baked goodies to send you off to your fun-filled spring weekend. You might have thought you could never get excited over something as simple as twine. However, if you’re a stationery fiend like me, the following pictures might give you a little tingle in your creative toes.

Coloured Bakers Twine

This awesomely colourful yet simple twine is new on the shelves at Paper Scissors Rock Stationery. You’ll find it in the Christmas {gosh, that’ll be here before you know it} and wrapping sections of the store at $6 for 10 metres. It’s just like good fashioned bakers twine, but much more funky.

Coloured Bakers Twine

You know what else is cool about twine? Wordplay! Other options for today’s title included… I’m feeling twine… Red, red twine… Once, twice, three twines a lady… and in the spirit of Mr Big … Ever thine, ever twine, ever ours. Okay, okay, I’ll stop now, I promise!

Art Prints by Kerri Blades

Our second serving of arty goodness today comes from Kununurra based artist and busy Mum of four Kerri Blades. Kerri’s art is inspired by her kids, with the images in her paintings reflecting the playfulness and freedom that children possess. You can find Kerri’s prints, collages, wall hangings and cards online at MooWoo Handmade.

I love the little fishy print on the left for it’s gorgeous colours, giant fishlips and cheerful rosy cheekiness!

Well, that’s it for another working week… I’ll see you tomorrow for breakfast! How does blueberry pancakes and a double macchiato sound? It’s sure to get your heart racing!

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