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I’m on such a high today from yesterday’s first of the month posts that I’ve decided to keep the giveaway fun going just a little bit longer with a special delivery from our friend Katy at Little yoyo Styles… let’s get accessorised! Forget about bills, forget about junk mail… we want brown paper packages, tied up with string!

Kanzashi Bloom Flower Hair Clips

These Kanzashi Bloom Flower Hair Clips are a new addition to the collection at Little yoyo Styles. Each one is handmade by Katy, from bright cotton fabrics and soft silks. Katy, like me, is addicted to online shopping and so most of her fabric is sourced online from all edges of the globe. She sews and shops at night while her kids are in bed… I’m sure a lot of you can identify with that!

Katy decided to try her hand at the Kanzashi Bloom clips after seeing a performer wearing one at a Japanese Kimono Dance performance. Inspired by the beauty, she set her sights on learning the traditional process… Katy describes her process below.

Making Kanzashi Bloom Flower Hair Clips

Making Kanzashi Bloom Flower Hair Clips

  • First I design the shape of my flower
  • Then I cut the fabric into pieces of the same size (i.e. 2″ each)
  • I use these pieces to create the petals, and sew them together to create the bloom
  • Next I attach either a crystal or a button to the centre of the bloom
  • The last step is to decide whether the bloom would look best as a clip or a headband
  • … and I hope that you’ll love my creation as much as I do!

Kanzashi Bloom Flower Hair Clips Giveaway

Congratulations to Angylene, winner of the Little yoyo Styles pack!

CompetitionThis week one lucky reader will win a hair accessory pack featuring ten hair clips from the Little yoyo Styles range. That’s enough to accessorise your whole wardrobe! To enter, visit Little yoyo Styles to check out the handmade range and tell us in the comment section which one is your favourite! Winner drawn on 9 September, 2010.

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