Kids Music Review... Folksy Rock by Grenadilla

I love the opportunity to share new music, so today I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce Kwela-based music collective Grenadilla. I’ve enjoyed several listens to their self-titled CD now and it’s been very well received in our household. These guys have a folksy rock feel, with energetic vibrant tracks that are even at times reminiscent of gospel harmonies.

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So what is Kwela? It’s an indigenous South African style of music marked by “joyful, bubbly rhythms and birdlike pennywhistles”. Grenadilla describe their music as “layered voices and rhythms flavoured with kwela, textured with Cape Town jive and subtle hints of the blues”. I think that’s a rather apt description.

Grenadilla - Folk Rock Music for Kids

I particularly like the first song on the album “be yourself”. The lyrics are upbeat and catchy, and it gives a positive message that will be embraced by the young ones (before they hit the difficult pre-teen/teen phase). I also like track 7, “Got Light”, it’s definitely a sing-a-long classic. However, I the biggest hit in the household is Arabella Angelique for it’s funky beat and catchy tune. It’s got a pop feel to it and reminds me of the schoolyard rhymes that we used to sing in primary school.

Even on my first listen I find myself singing along happily, tapping my feet, nodding my head… and yes, okay… I’ll admit it, dancing my way down the hallway to make my mid-morning coffee. Admittedly, I was dancing with the dog as I was home alone at the time. Hey, you’ve gotta keep life fun, right?

Grenadilla - Folk Rock Music for Kids

This is a CD that is fun to play to the kids, and would be a great sing-a-long {and dance-a-long} album for parties or road trips. However, if you’re a fan of folksy rock, you might just find yourself popping it in the CD player to enjoy all by yourself.

You can listen to a couple of Grenadilla tracks online, download them at iTunes or find their CD at your favourite online CD store.

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