Mamacita... Handmade in Mexico + Giveaway

It will come as no surprise to you that I’m a lover of colour, and when it comes to kids, you can never have too much. Earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting Arani Duggan, one of the passionate minds behind handmade label “Little Thing”; and today it’s my pleasure to introduce to you their Mamacita collection.

Handmade Mexican Girls Dresses

Little Thing is the creative project of two Aussie girls, one of whom lives in Mexico. The Mamacita collection is a range of hand crafted, ethically produced Mexican dresses for babies and toddlers. You’ll also find a couple of dresses in the range just for Mum. The concept is simple silhouettes with beautiful embroidery, and delicious colours.

Handmade Mexican Girls Dresses

I’m simply smitten with the JardĂŚn de Flores Range {pictured above} for it’s traditional Mexican styling. It’s the perfect dress for summer days and play dates. All items in the collection are handmade from 100% cotton and are reasonably priced from $30 – $35.

Handmade Mexican Girls Dresses

10% of the profits from the Mamacita range will be donated to En Via, a non-profit micro-finance organisation working to fight poverty in Mexico.

Congratulations to Vic M. who has won a $50 voucher from Little Thing!

CompetitionOur friends at Little Thing are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a $50 voucher to spend at their store! To enter, visit Little Thing and tell us in the comment section below what you’d buy with your $50. Winner will be drawn on 30 Sept, 2010.

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85 comments to Mamacita… Handmade Mexican Dresses + Giveaway

  • Paula

    I LOVE these little dresses!! How cute with a little pair of striped leggings 🙂

    I would definitely get the navy blue little dress for my little girl and the long white one for me!!!

    These are adorable!

  • Vic

    Oh me, oh my, everything is decidedly lovely!

    I am going to cross my fingers & my toes for this one, & if I were the lucky winner my gorgeous wee girl would be sporting the JardĂ­n de Flores in Hot Pink (the first part would satisfy me, the second; her) & I’d be happily pitching in a few extra bucks for the Tulipán Chickens on Pink too!

  • Kate

    So gorgeous… what clever girls.

  • These are gorgeous, this is one giveaway i’m keeping to myself, cause I would love to win.

    I could not go past the Natural Jardin de Flores and I would also put in for the Yellow Talipan.
    I have booked marked the site for later, I can see these making gorgeous Christmas pressies.

  • Zoe

    Wow…that’s a hard one. I am all about dressing my little girl in gorgeous clothing BUT…I do love that Punto de cruz blouse!
    However, like most of us, I usually buy for her first so I would get the Navy Jardin de Flores (and like Vic above, might put a bit extra in for myself!)

  • OMG I have eyed this style of dress off for so long – they are the most beautiful dresses! If I won I would get the Jardin de Flores in pink and navy blue for sure they are exquisite!

  • Shilo

    I would be spending that wonderful voucher on the Natural Jardin de Flores Hot Pink for my 3 year old and the Natural for my 1 year old! They are so beautiful and what a fantastic price! Well done Mamasita!! x 🙂

  • How gorgeous! I think I’d have to have a matching little family this Christmas with 3 Jardin de Flores dresses for us. One for baby in dark blue, one for the big girl in light blue and the grown up one for me.
    Hopefully my little boy wouldn’t feel too left out.

  • Rosa in The Antipodes

    WOW! My little Frida Kahlo would look awesome in Jardín de flores deep red! Oh, no! Hold on! The Tulipán Chickens on white is absolutely gorgeous! I would have them all if I could! =)

  • I LOVE these dresses, and am so pleased to see them here. Little Thing is just about to open a store on Bluecaravan too : ) jx

  • Oh I love these little dresses, I think I would get the natural jardin de flores for me and the navy blue for my girl.

  • Natalie

    Definitely the Natural Jardin de Flores in Pink for my baby girl. Maybe some money spare for me?

  • Malea

    Oh so pretty & perfect for summer! I’d get my girls two matching Batita Tejido Tunics in Rainbow… gorgeous would they look?

  • Alison

    WOW what awesome dresses! If I won I’d get the JardĂ­n de Flores dress in Navy Blue and I’d put in a bit extra and also get Batita Tejido Rainbow on cream.

  • Dana

    Jardin de flores, I’m having such a hard time choosing between navy blue and deep red. oooo, and the tulipan, flowers on yellow!

  • Gorgeous! So beautiful! I love love love the Jardin de Flores too, it’s so Frida.

  • Mons

    Definitely Jardin de Flores – Jessie is such a little princess, she would love this range

  • Millie

    Oh what a wonderful selection….if I was the lucky winner i’d pop the Tulipan Flowers On Yellow Dress and Jardin de Flores Natural Dress in my trolley!

  • Samantha Lewis

    Ok, I am obsessed with these dresses!!!! With my $50 I would buy one Batita Tejido dress in gold. Then I would put in my own money to buy a Jardin de Flores dress in Natural. These are gorgeous and would look so cute on my little girl!!

  • michelle bembo

    I love those little dresses for sure thats what i’ll be buying.

  • Bec

    I would get my daughter a Tulipán chicken on pink and throw in the extra money to get a Batita Tejido green. So so adorable!

  • Matt Graham

    I’d buy my child a Mamacita. There so cute and handy!

  • Mandy Graham

    I’d buy a cute dress. They are adorable!

  • Charlotte

    As the mother of two boys, I would be buying for my friend with twin girls.

    I think I’d go with the Tulipán Chickens on white and Tulipán Butterfly on white … matchy matchy for twins but not exactly the same.

  • Alicia

    I’d buy the Jardin de Flores dress. It seems to be very popular, and no wonder!

  • Joanna

    I LOVE these dresses! I couldn’t go past the Jardin de Flores in Red and the Tulipan chickens on white! Although I’d also be tempted to be selfish and get the Jardin de Flores for myself!

  • Bridget

    Definately the JardĂ­n de Flores | Natural for the daughter and the womans dress for Mummy!!

  • I adore traditional Mexican clothing and would LOVE to dress my toddler in one of the gorgeous Jardin de Flores dresses in navy or cream. So beautiful!

  • Maria

    Those dresses are so gorgeous! I’d buy JardĂ­n de Flores | Navy Blue and put on extra money to buy myself Punta de Cruz | 003

  • Claire

    Lovin’the dresses. Would want to buy at least 2, so would top the $50 up.

  • Terri Baker

    Id get the Tulipán, Chickens on White dress!! It reminds me of my childhood!

  • I defiantly want one of the navy embroidered dresses, they are made with the sweetest fabric, thanks for sharing with me, x

  • Kim

    What an amazing range of fabulous things! I’d definitely top up to buy a couple – but would start with the Natural Jardin de Flores in Hot Pink 🙂

  • Two little flower lovers..must have one in ‘natural’ and one in ‘red’ in the Southern Highlands..PERFECT!

  • Angela Grant

    These outfitsc are amazing. Something that can be worn that has no age restraint. I absolutely adore the ‘Tulipan- butterfly on white’, simple yet stunning.

  • Debbie

    OMG…these are just amazing dresses and tops! I would buy the Tulipán | Chickens on Pink and the JardĂ­n de Flores Range/ Navy Blue for my daughter if I won the $50 voucher! She would look so darn cute in these….

  • Kirra

    Having lived in Mexico & continuing to miss it like CRAZY, I would have a tough time choosing but would probably land on sth good & bright I reckon. Uf, entonces elegiria una de las blusas Jardin de Flores, en azul o rojo o aun natural. O quizas las tres! Seria dificilisimo a decidir! 🙂

  • wow, these are so amazing… perfect for summer!!!
    I’d buy the JardĂ­n de Flores in Hot Pink and the Tulipán Flowers on Yellow (and pay the difference myself, I want everything!!!)

  • maz

    I love the Bata Tejido dresses, in white especially.

  • How gorgeous for summer! I’d love to get the Jardin de Flores dress in red for my little girl Holly. 🙂

  • Well – like most comments I would definitely need to spend more than the $50! I love the Jardinde Flores in the blue…. there is never enough blue around for girls and my little one looks gorgeous in blue… then I would splash out and get myself the white dress in the same range…. perfect for lounging round the house in summer or going to the beach!

  • Melissa

    It would have to be the Jardin De flores – Red – my 4 years old fav colour.

  • Grace & Harrisons mum Keiran

    Love them all but i would have to splurge on myself for once and get the JardĂ­n de Flores but then i would also have to get a matching dress for miss grace so we would be matching (aww so cute)

  • Tiffany

    I would definitely buy the JardĂ­n de Flores dress in navy blue! Gorgeous!!!!

  • I LOVE LOVE the Jardin de Flores dress! I would love so much to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Janice

    Straight away the little pink JardĂ­n de Flores dress stood out for me and I thought I have to have that dress! It is absolutely gorgeous and I would feel so proud to see my little 2yr old wearing one. I would then throw in some additional cash on top of the $50 so I could get the amzing blue JardĂ­n de Flores dress aswell. It would definietly match well with my little one’s bright blue eyes.

  • evie

    I would be using the $50 on the women,s jardin de flores dress but that would be a little selfish so I would be getting a jardin de flores dress in white for my little girl. I had a very similar dress when I was 3-4 years old!!

  • jane l

    definitely The JardĂ­n de Flores dress in hot pink…so beautiful

  • Anna

    I would absolutely love the women’s Jardin de Flores dress. I just adore the vibrancy of the colours and the delightful embroidery. It would be perfect for my post-baby bod!

  • carmen

    I love the pretty dresses they are so cute and I love the colours and the designs.

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