Project Underpants... The Final Countdown!

Hello friends, and welcome to the very last week of the Project Underpants campaign! We’ve had an amazing month with over 1000 pairs of knickers being donated to the Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids program. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity! If you haven’t sent off your pledge yet, make sure you do so today as it will need to arrive by 1 October to be in the prize draw.

Thank You!

Today’s final round of prizes takes a little look at alternative ways to wear your knickers… namely, on the OUTSIDE of your pants. Superheroes have been sporting the outside-undie trend for generations and quite frankly, doing a smashing job at saving the world from evil villains and other nasty no-goodniks.

Handmade Superhero Cape Costume from DressUps

First up, if you’re going to wear your knickers outside your shorts, you can really only get away with it if you look the part. So our fabulous friends at DressUps are giving away one of their awesome handmade superhero capes. It comes with a bright red super symbol screenprint, and matching eye mask for keeping your identity secret.

Handmade Frog Softie

Next up, representing the amphibian superhero community, it’s Oliver the Frog! This little green machine is handmade by the folks at “and the little dog laughed” and proudly provided by our buddies at billy lids. He’ll arrive on you door step with his very own handmade mini superhero cape, ready to join you on your crime-fighting adventure.

Handmade Doll by Cuckoo for Coco

Last up today is “Wild Willow”… she may appear all sweet and serene on the outside, but at night time she dons her superhero paraphernalia, and protects the world from evil forces. She has superhuman strength, stamina and agility and her secret weapon is the ‘power-hug’. She’s 100% handmade by the crafty folk at Cuckoo for Coco and comes with her very own  mini polka dot superhero cape.

The Project Underpants winners will be drawn next week and names will be published on this page and in our 7 October news. I’d like to send another BIG thank you to all of the wonderful Project Underpants sponsors. Be sure to drop by and visit their websites to show your appreciation for their generosity.

Project Underpants Sponsors

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