Crafty Kids by Serabeena + Giveaway

I’ve always been fond of arts + crafts as gifts for kids. I’d like to say that my reasoning behind this is that they’re educational, creative and fun for the little folk… which is true… however, the best part is that it gives ME the perfect excuse to play with glitter, felt and other cool crafty creations!

Serabeena Animal Finger Puppets

Serabeena is a second-generation family-owned and operated business specialising in arts and crafts for kids. The business was started by Jan Bitcon in 2000, and is now run by her son Nicholas. All of the groovy products that you see here are designed in-house at the Serabeena studio in Collingwood, Victoria. Don’t they look like tons of fun!?

Serabeena Animal Masks

The man behind the crafts {Nicholas in his own words}…

“We pride ourselves on offering original, innovative toys that seek to encourage creativity and imagination in children. Obviously thought goes into everything that’s designed, but I like to think that we use more of it when developing our toys. That means examining a toy from multiple perspectives throughout the development process. Can you play with it like this? What happens if you do that?”

Serabeena Fairy Arts & Crafts Kit

As well as designing their own collection, the folks at Serabeena also design toys for private labels in Europe. You can even see one their designs displayed in the V&A Museum of Childhood’s permanent collection. Cool!

Serabeena Jewellery Making Kit

Congratulations to Gillian Ross, our Serabeena Winner!

CompetitionGiveaway time! We’ve got a super cool Serabeena Design Couleur Case {bracelet making craft kit} to giveaway to one lucky reader. To enter, pop over to Serabeena and tell us in the comment section below which DIY kit your kids would like to play with. Winner drawn on 23 Sept, 2010.

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41 comments to Crafty Kids by Serabeena + Giveaway

  • My two little boys would love the animal masks the most, we are big into animals at the moment and also dress ups / role playing….so these would be a wonderful all day activity. Make it in the morning, play in the afternoon (after nap time of course ;).

  • Di

    My son would love to play around with the Animal Masks DIY kit. That looks like heaps of fun!

  • Corinne

    Absolutely love the make your own fairies, they are perfect for any little girl to be creative and have hours of fun!!!

  • Malea

    My girl loves to pick flowers & arrange them in vases so the Flower Bouquet kit would be perfect for her πŸ™‚

  • Brooke Powell

    I’m sure my daughter would LOVE the Glitter Boxes, but I think the Animal Finger Puppets are too cute! πŸ™‚

  • Claire Peake

    Her creativity blossoming bright,
    My daughter designs things day and night,
    The most beautiful accessories (although i am biased I admit!),
    So she would adore the Jewellery Making Kit!

  • tess

    wow arent they super awesome…my son who has just been diagnosed with learning and behavioural probs as well as adhd could really benefit from these, as we look for crafts to teach him and keep his mind active….and miss 4 would also think they are just plum awesome.

    However with that said I think Claire Peakes entry very deserving of a win, lol

    Good luck all

  • Joslene Parkinson

    Jewellery Making Kit! With 2 daughters, it would have to be the jewellery making kit so they could make their own creations & then they wouldn’t need to keep “borrowing” mine ! xoxox

  • Angylene

    definitely the make your own fairy kit!!

  • Megan Carter

    My little darling would just be so engrossed in this clever crafty idea, jwellery all the way, she loves creating and this is just perfect and oh so much fun..

  • natalie

    I would pick the Animal Masks, because first of all I think they are awesome! and secondly I don’t know whether my baby will be a boy or a girl, but either would love them πŸ™‚

  • Jo D

    The Animal Masks look nice and simple to make and like there would be hours of fun to be had afterwards. Like most kids, my daughter loves jungle animals – especially elephants. What a fantastic idea for a craft kit!

  • Laura Noble

    my daughter would love the animal masks, grr!

  • According to my daughter, she would lurve the fairies or the glitter boxes. ‘They are amazing’ she says!!

  • michelle bembo

    My boys would have so much fun with the mask what a great idea.

  • Maria

    I’ve got 2 boys and they will love the Animal mask.

  • My girls would love to bring out the wild & make their own animal masks. They already have all the noises & roars down pat

  • My 3 yo Son currently thinks he is a Lion and spends his days acting like one! I know he would just love to make the animal masks – it might even inspire him to be a different creature for a change!

  • siu

    We are invited to go to Halloween party and I am headache what to prepare for my kids. It will be special to wear the animal mask on my 2 kids to the party? It is also good to let my girl make on her own in her first halloween party.

  • julie

    My 3 year old is mad on animals and making very loud animal noises so it would have to be the animal masks! ROAR!!!

  • Samantha Humble

    My little girl would love the Animal Finger Puppets, so bright and colourful and perfect for learning the animals!

  • Amanda Gorton

    The animal finger puppets – They can’t get into trouble with their hands full!

  • Kimberley Belford

    Definetly the animal finger puppets – they are really cute πŸ™‚ Love them

  • Jen

    I may have two boys but they are very good at accessorising and love a bit of bling. They would have a LOT of fun using the design coleur case (and me too!)

  • Emma

    I would love the fairies but my little girl would love the case filled with goodies to make bracelets – she is right into crafts and girly accessories..

  • Kirra

    Soooo hard! Does the Design Couleur Case fit into the DIY kit description? Everything’s fab anyway! Darling 2yo would love them ALL!

  • Carmenpol

    My sons would definitely love to make the animal masks, and play with them !!!

  • tatiane

    Alyssa would love the bracelet kit, so she could make one for each friend and gift them. She is that sweet πŸ™‚

  • Amy

    The animal masks would be such a treat, for two little creative boys, they’d roar and laugh and sleep and eat, hopefully with not too much noise πŸ˜‰

  • Heidi

    It has to be the bracelet set as at the moment my daughter loves jewellery, pasting (and painting)!

  • Bec

    My kids would love the finger puppets! They would love to make them then put on a finger puppet show (my son has just worked out that you have to talk for them)

  • Jude

    The Glitter Boxes would keep my step daughter and her friends occupied during the school holidays

  • Jeanna

    So hard to choose! I think all four of my kids would enjoy the glitter boxes – even the boys! Would be wonderful to win after a week of sore throats and days in bed (for them and just struggling on with it for me!!)

  • Michelle McLeod

    You are kidding aren’t you? With so many great kits & ideas – how can we decide. My 5yr old Paisley would be happy with any!!! Great Stuff!!

  • Natalie

    OMG the finger puppets! This would occupy the kids all day πŸ™‚

  • Princess Mia

    I would love Animal Masks DIY kit. thanks for the chance to enter

  • Sarah

    They’re all winners! But I think the finger puppets would be most popular in this household… they’d keep us all entertained in this dreary weather

  • Erica

    My 3 year old would enjoy all of these! I think I would have the most fun with the glitter boxes and she would play for ages with those cute little finger puppets.


    The Animal Masks DIY kit will have my daughter in a fizz,she just won’t what to do.She’ll be giddy with glee to have her own animal mask to make and play with.


    The Animal Masks DIY kit look fantastic.I’m always thinking of things to do with the kids that will engage them and kept them interested.And off electrical devices.

  • Congratulations to Gillian Ross, our Serabeena Winner!

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