Smoochy Kiss... Princess Balls and Fork-Lift Rides

Hooray! Today I get to indulge my obsession with summer playsuits again! This adorable collection from Smoochy Kiss is just too delectable to resist and even though I’m truly trying to resist buying everything in sight {writing this blog can take a serious toll on one’s willpower…} there’s a Bambi Romper en route to my house as we speak.

Smoochy Kiss Handmade Kids Clothes

Smoochy Kiss is a handmade kids collection designed and sewn by Melissa Murphy. Melissa draws her inspiration from many sources including Trixie Beldon, Nancy Drew, skimming rocks at the beach, climbing trees, homemade jam, Disney movies and Noddy and Mr Plod! She is also inspired by her children…

Melissa says… “I understand that they need always be ready for a fairy tea-party, a ballet concert or an emergency dash in their cardboard-box-fire-truck. Smoochy Kiss aims to create clothing that is practical, pretty and easy to get on and off; while at the same time being appropriate for a Princess Ball or a Fork-lift ride.”

Smoochy Kiss Handmade Kids Clothes

Smoochy Kiss Handmade Kids Clothes

Melissa’s love of sewing and design was inherited from her Mum, and her fond memories of hand-knitted and crocheted Barbie doll outfits. Most of the handmade kids items in her store are made from designer cottons, but she also has an ever-growing collection of vintage and eco-fabrics in her tool kit.

She works from her original Holly Hobby sewing basket, which not only serves as a constant reminder of her childhood adventures, but also, in her own words “evokes a sense of freedom and silliness in me, and makes me want to run down a hill littered with yellow daisies, reminiscent of Little House on the Prairie”. Ahhh… good times!

Smoochy Kiss Handmade Boys Clothes

In the Smoochy Kiss store you’ll find rompers, dresses, bloomers, tops and tees, and a range of handmade accessories for babies and bigger kids. New additions are popping up in the store all the time, so be sure to check in to see what’s new.

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