Artistic Dreaming with Sweet William

Hello folks! It’s been a little while since I inspired you with some indie art, and since I love a good opportunity to sing the praises of talented local designers, today I thought I’d share a few pieces from creative duo Paula and Shelly from Sweet William.

Sweet William Art Prints

Sweet William {named after a beloved childhood pet} is a collaborative project between artist Paula Mills who is based in Victoria and her sister Shelly who is based in New Zealand. Despite the great geographical divide between them, Paula and Shelly collaborate on all kinds of stitchy, crafty and arty projects. In their store you’ll find art prints, dolls and paper goods.

Sweet William Art Prints

Shopping for art is such a personal experience. Find the right piece and you can stare deep into it and just lose yourself in the story {especially if you’re a daydreamer, like me}. It can calm you when you’re having a bad day, and amuse you when you need a bit of a laugh. I often buy art for gifts as it’s so much fun to hunt for just the right piece to fit the occasion.

Sweet William Art Prints

Sweet William Art Prints

The whimsical and dreamy designs in the Sweet William collection are inspired by nostalgia and childhood memories, paper ephemera, old children’s books and all things vintage. Paula and also draws inspiration from nature, motherhood, film, music, colour and her trusty fine line black pen. In fact, all of Paula’s illustrations start their journey with a fine line pen or pencil, giving her creations that fabulous “sketchy” feel.

Sweet William Market Stall

Sweet William Handmade Market Stall

The images you see here are just a few of my favourites from Paula and Shelly’s repertoire. You can view more of the Sweet William collection online at Etsy or Madeit. You can also find Paula at local Melbourne markets… but you better take a BIG shopping bag, and stuff your coin purse full of goldies! How gorgeous is this market stall setup!? Swoon!

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