Oddball Alphabet... The Letter G

Good morning linguaphiles, and welcome to the seventh edition of the Oddball Alphabet. Today we have some fun with The Letter G. Don’t be fooled by it’s curvaceous and graceful form… “G” certainly knows how to get down and groove. It’s also a great letter to use when expressing old fashioned, leave-it-to-beaver-esque phrases such as Gee Willickers! or Gadzooks!

Gumball Art Print

Golden Girls and Ghetto Blaster

Grizzly Bear and Griffin Handmade Softies

French Pastry Miniatures and Knight Art Print

Pet Rock Kit and Garden Gnome Art Print

Groovy Grandma Brooch and Grumpy Old Man Cushion

The Letter G

Gumballs – Fine Art Print by Boopsie Daisy
Golden Girls – I Heart the Golden Girls Zine by Jacqueline BOS Illustration
Ghetto Blaster – Boombox Zipper Pouch by ILIKEITTOOTOO
Grizzly – Miniature Teddy Bear by Greenie Marie
Griffin – Wool Felt Plush Doll by Nonesuch Garden
Gastronomy – French Pastry L’Ispahan by Le Petit Monde d’Oiseau
Gallantry – Little Knight Print by The Blue Egg
Geology – Pet Rock by My Pet Rock Shop
Garden Gnome – Art Photo Print by APTRICKPHOTO
Groovy Grandma – Granny Brooch by Box of Birds
Grumpy Grandpa – Grumpy Old Man Pillow by Sew English

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