Oddball Alphabet... The Letter H

Happy Monday! It’s time for another wordy serving of the Oddball Alphabet. Today we spend some time getting to know the very diverse Mr. H. He inspires giggles with humour, hilarity and hijinks but also solemnly stands at the beginning of words like hurt and heartbreak… enjoy!

Handmade Plush Milk Bottle Softies

Handmade Pig Softie and Pig Vegetarian Magnet

Hibernating Bear Art Print and Herringbone Horse Softie

Crocheted Moustaches and Whoppe Cushion

Hepcat Jazz Musician Print and Medical Hair Clips

Handmade Felt Brain and Zombie Monster

Heartbreak and Hamlet Art Prints

The Letter H

Homogenised – Milk Carton Plush by Dog Bone Art
Ham – Pink Retro Piggy by Pickled Tink
Herbivore – Not My Dinner Pig Magnet by Sick on Sin
Hibernate – Sleepy Bear and Bunny Forest Art Print by Sepialepus
Herringbone – Horse Softie by Penguin & Fish
Hijinks – Hand Crocheted Moustache Set by Duncan Creative
Hilarity – Ridley’s Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion
Hepcat – Musician Letterpress Set by Yee-Haw Industries
Hypochondria – All Better Bandage by Jack and Jane Boutique
Hippocampus – Mini Brain in a Jar by Your Organ Grinder
Haemoglobin – Itty Bitty Zombie by Bunny Monster
Heartbreak – Picking Up Pieces Print by Hearts and Stuff
Hamlet – Hamlet and Horatio Print by August Eve

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