Oddball Alphabet... The Letter F

It’s Monday morning, and you know what that means; Oddball Alphabet time! Today’s feature is presented by the fabulous letter F… Our friend F lives a fun and fulfilling life, popping up all over town. Whilst he’s partial to the odd noun or verb, adjectives are his favourite…

Lion and Bear Art Print

Handmade Soft Toys

Alice in Wonderland and Yeti Art Prints

Photographic Art Print and Fugu Fish Softie

Freudian Slippers and Furry Handmade Softies

Shadow Puppetand Frankenstein Handmade Softie

The Letter F

Ferocious Fakeout – Roar Growl Gocco Print by Kids Haus
Friendly Frenchman – Monsieur Fournier by La Carnival Extraordinaire
Frustrating Fungus – Mushroom on my Head Softie by Evangelione’s Handmade Atelier
Fairly Famished – Eat Me Print by Beauty on the Fire
Frosty Friends – Yeti Art Print by WarnickArt
Flirty Fräulein – Hello Dolly Fine-Art Print by Stoopidgerl
Fugu Fish – Fugu Plush by Zooguu
Freudian Slippers – Baby Slippers by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild
Furry Fellows – The Goldenears Softies by Ninon
Frightening Feeling – Shadow Monster Badge by Marcia Furman
Forlorn Frankenstein – FrankenCuddle by Welcome to The Burbs

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