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Hi friends! Today we have a bit of a treat for you. We’ve asked the friendly folks from Anorak Kids Magazine to pop in and share a guest post with us. Think of it as a little look inside their interesting minds, toy cabinets and bookshelves… if you’re not familiar with Anorak, you can find out more online, or purchase a copy at Lark.

Anorak - The Happy Mag for Kids

At Anorak, we love collecting things. We are pretty convinced these things have special powers. They make us weak at the knee. They make our mouths go “ooooh”. They make us think we are rich because we keep buying more and more of them. When we are not really. But somehow we always find a few coins to buy them. It’s nothing new: we have always loved collecting things.

Vintage typewriter and Silva C Pottery

“My Mum collected postcards. When I turned seven she gave me her collection. That was the best present ever. They all lived in an old suitcase. When I got hold of them, I had to put them in order. I chose to order by region. I spent hours doing staring at a map and trying to match the city/town with its region. It did wonders for my knowledge in geography but little for my social life probably! That was on top of my sea shells collection, my stamps collection, my Noddy books collection, my Famous Five collection and my pens collection.

Did you collect things too when you are a kiddie?”

“I did, all kinds of things from stamps to records and dungeon & dragon figures. My biggest collection were Smurfs I had lots of them that I would buy from a petrol station near my house (I think it was a National one) I even had a display case. My younger brother inherited, then sold them all, all I have left is Papa Smurf. I also collected Star Wars figures (These went the same way as the Smurfs) I have Yoda left from this collection.”

Book Collections

“I still love collecting stuff.  I never stopped.  Cookery books, old children books. My latest obsession is Silva C pottery. Not sure I can call it a collection yet, as I only have four pots, although it is only two weeks old so I guess it’s pretty good going for a collection!”

“These two typewriters you have in the studio, is this the start of a collection?”

“I’m trying not to start collecting typewriters! They are too big for a start and you only really need one typewriter, although I would love an Olivetti Valentine typewriter! I do collect books, old penguin ones and a set called Fontana Modern Masters that have amazing covers. I’ve just started buying Observer books, which are small pocket sized guides to almost anything you can think of. There are 100 in total. I have 2.”

“Probably my most complete collection was my snow globes collection. I had tons of them, suitcases and suitcases of them. I gave them away to a charity shop a few years later as I was moving house and they started to take a bit too much space. Did you have a collection that took a bit too much space?”

“I tend to collect small things so they don’t take up too much room. Having said that my mum and dad still have my collection of Mad magazines and Beano comics from when I was younger, I don’t really have space for them so I guess they will have to be sold one day.”

Congratulations to Elliot Harris, winner of the Anorak Goodie Bag!‬

CompetitionCollecting is cool. Tell us {in the comment section below} what you like/liked to collect, and the folks from Anorak will pick a winner and send them an Anorak goodie bag. Woohoo!

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