Creative Cravings… Creepy, Crawly + Curly!

Good morning friends, my favourites folder is starting over overflow again so I thought it was about time for another edition of creative cravings. As October is traditionally the month in which we celebrate All Hallows’ Eve I thought that a selection of strange was in order for today’s theme.

Creepy Crawly Scary Kooky Halloween for Kids

Creative Cravings

  1. Spider Baby Plush Toy by Scrumptious Delight
  2. The Half Plush by Vivikas Toy Art
  3. Danger Zombies Print by Yee-Haw Industrial Letterpress
  4. Amor Baby Grow by Emily the Pemily
  5. Mini Zombie With Stitched Heart by P’s and Q’s
  6. Plush Zombabie by Elizabeth Anderson
  7. Instant Karma Voodoo Finger Puppet by Cheryl A Smith
  8. Baby Marvin the Misunderstood Spider by ZadyBall

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