Fresh Baked Friday… Tee it Up!

Yahoooo! It’s Friday and I couldn’t be happier that the weekend is upon us. Bring on the Saturday morning sleep-in! It’s my guilty pleasure to stay up late on Friday night after everyone has gone to bed and bask in the quiet tranquility, watch cheesy late night TV, sip wine and eat M&Ms…. how times have changed… I was cool once! LOL!

Handmade Kids T-shirts by Apericots

First up today we have a few awesome kids tees from US indie label Apericots. I’m especially digging the Imaginary Friends Tee and since the Aussie dollar is kick-ass strong at the moment and the guys at Apericots have a free worldwide shipping offer on at the moment, I couldn’t resist snapping one up. I wish they came in bigger sizes too!

Handmade Womens Summer Tops

Now that you’ve got the kids sorted, how about a new tee for Mum? Aren’t these summer tops from MyChicShop just charming? I love the ruffles on the pink and grey tops, very sweet indeed. However, I had my eye on the bright pink one, but someone beat me to it! Bookmarking for later….

Well that’s it for another week of delicious handmade treats on {KID} independent. Do drop in and share a lazy Saturday morning coffee with me tomorrow… it’s the breakfast of champions!

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