Fresh Baked Friday... Knock Out Colour

Hello friends, it’s Fresh Baked Friday time! This awesome collection is a mix of jump out of the screen, bop you on the head, pinch you on the cheek, tickle you on the sides, blow raspberries on your belly and knock your socks off colour. There ain’t no beige in the REX&POPPY camp…

REX&POPPY Graffiti Kids T-shirts and Artwork

I spied the REX&POPPY range a while back and was quite smitten with their urban graffiti style artwork {see robot and sailor boy prints above}, then this week I discovered the REX&POPPY cheeky monkey tank in bright yellow and squealed with glee.

REX&POPPY tanks are made from 100% cotton, with custom stenciled prints. They’ll set you back $12 buckaroos with free post. Sweet. You can also choose from other iconic kids designs such as Kokeshi Dolls, Poodles and the ever-lovable Mr T….

Little Dinosaur Kids Decor and Pin Boards

Our second serving of handmade goodness today comes from our new friends at Little Dinosaur. These guys make a range of decor for kids rooms such as bed heads, pin boards and decorative shapes, letters and words. This week I’m digging the pin board range. There are tons of different shapes to choose from and a cool online app that lets you customise your design to suit your child’s room.

That’s it for another week from the {KID} crew. Drop by and visit us tomorrow morning for a hearty breakfast of eggs on toast!

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