Fresh Baked Friday... Stitchy Friends

Hello Friday Friends! We’re rounding off the week with a big helping heaping of Fresh Baked handmade treats. I’m a big {that’s an understatement if I ever heard one} fan of whimsical handmade toys and so today I thought I’d share a few that popped up recently from the Gold Coast {Queensland, Australia}.

Handmade toy softies by Winnifred's Daughter

These friendly looking handmade softies are from Queensland based Etsy seller Jess from Winnifred’s Daughter. Each one is lovingly handcrafted from pre-loved fabric and acrylic wools. The delightful facial expressions are hand embellished. Very cute indeed!

Retro lunch boxes from Lark

Before I leave you today, here’s a couple of retro styled goodies that are new to the shelves at Lark. These little lunchboxes are very cute for holding sandwiches and snacks, but they’re also great for holding craft supplies, and odds and ends. I’m at a total deadlock trying to decide which one I like best… but I’m leaning towards the cheeky expression of the Spaceboy.

That’s it for another week folks. I hope you get into lots of mischief over the weekend. I’ll be back bright and early tomorrow morning, planted at the computer with jam on toast and a banana smoothie. Cheerio for now!

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