Project Underpants Winners Announced!

Well folks, it’s official… over 1000 pairs of knickers will be making their way to kids in care, via Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids. If you’d like to get involved further with Backpacks 4 Aussie Kids, they are still in need of other essential items and additional goodies such as toys, teddy bears and clothing. Click here to find out more! Now… time for the fun part, the winners!

Project Underpants Winners

*Please check your inbox for your winning email.

  1. Sharon Visser – $150 Shopping Spree from Whimsy Child
  2. Laura Cook – Superhero Cape from Dress Ups
  3. Jennifer Mallaby – Froggie from Billy Lids
  4. Cheree van de Wal – Willow Doll from Cuckoo for Coco
  5. Victoria Maher – Handmade Doll from Little People Clothing
  6. Ness/Blueberry kids – Vintage Doll Heat Pack from Vintage Chenille
  7. Jacqui Welbourne – Kids Bikini from Knit Baby
  8. Nerida Hicks – Hair Clip Holder from Quirky Kids
  9. Joanne Mykta  – Y-fronts Coin Purse from My Poppet
  10. Pauline Olson  – Knicker Stickers from Sissy Sparrows
  11. Tamara Bell – Knicker Stickers from Sissy Sparrows
  12. B. Pomponio – Knicker Stickers from Sissy Sparrows
  13. Deborah Kay – Knicker Stickers from Sissy Sparrows
  14. Rachel Brennen-Gale – Crime Kitty Print from Noosed Kitty
  15. Jedda (Earthbaby) – Bikini Girl Print from Little Humbugs
  16. Rochelle Hooper    – Bella Softie from Rosie’s Bears
  17. Sarah Field –  Billy Softie from Rosie’s Bears
  18. Leona Silk – Handmade Doll from Mon Petit Poppet

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