Immortalise yourself in plush...

I’ve been eyeing off these Saint Angel Softies for a while and dropped by today to check out the latest offerings. Major excitement ensued when I discovered their custom softies! Simply send in a photo of anyone/thing you can imagine. The likeness is both cute & comical and would make a super cool gift. There’s also a selection of pre-made softies to choose from such as Harry Potter, Batman and Elvis.

Saint Angel Custom Handmade Softies

Saint Angel Handmade Vampire, Zombies and Ghost Softies

Saint Angel Softies are handmade from fleece and are filled with dried corn and fiberfill. According to the designer, you should take care of them by wiping with a damp cloth. You should not submerge them in hot water, as you might end up with popcorn! Teeheehee…

Saint Angel Handmade Softies

Saint Angel Handmade Softies

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