Kids Music Review… Swimming in Noodles

This week I had the pleasure of listening to a new release CD from kindy rock god Jim Cosgrove. Jim is well known for his energetic and whimsical tunes that are super fun for listening, dancing and sing-a-longs. Swimming in Noodles is a collaboration between Jim and Grammy-nominated produced Tor Hyams (who is also the founder of Kidzapalooza).

Swimming Noodles by Jim Cosgrove

I was hooked on this CD right from the get-go with the rockabilly tones in Jim’s voice. His quirkiness shines through in each tune, which is undoubtedly a combination of bits and pieces of his family life mixed in with his animated imagination. The biggest hit off this album {as decided by the little people in this household} is “Spaghetti and Goofballs”. It’s unlikely our family will ever use the word meatballs again, not to mention serving up a healthy heaping of perky sauce and peppy cheese…

Swimming Noodles by Jim Cosgrove

Another one of my favourites is “Lucky Me”. This sweet and charming tune is an ode to Mother and Daughter with lyrics such as “I see your mama in your smile and in your eyes of blue. Your mama is still the only girl for me, And the love we share we see in you.” Awww, how can that not bring a tiny tear of joy to your eye?

Honourable mention goes to “Nobody Does It Like You”… because, it’s simply true, nobody DOES sing like Aretha, and nobody dances like Elvis. I’m also very fond of the song “Just Like You”; delivering a positive message about celebrating difference and diversity.

I could very easily continue taking you on a trip through each song on the album, but instead I’ll encourage you to take a listen for yourself. Try out a few tracks on Jim Cosgrove’s website to test the water and then take the plunge and snap up a copy to listen to on your holiday road trips this Christmas. The CD is available for $12USD from the Jim Cosgrove’s website, or for download through iTunes.

I’ll leave you today with my favourite lyric on the album. It’s from the song “We’re Electrons”, an upbeat tune with educational undertones, jangly guitars and dancy drum beats… “We’re not Photons. We’re Electrons. We’re not Klingons. They’re from Star Trek”… it had me giggling like a loon.

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