Oddball Alphabet... The Letter I

Get out your reading glasses and pull up a cosy chair folks, because it’s time for another serving of the Oddball Alphabet. The star of today’s show is the letter I; a tall and slim letter who is known for his individuality and intelligence. He’s loves to be the centre of attention and at times can be a little bit selfish, after all, there is no I in team!

Funky Indie Art Print

Policeman Donut and Warhol Campbells Soup Art Prints

Handmade Inchworm Softie and Cat Art Print

Inventor Thinking Cap and Undo Key Art Prints

Humpty Dumpty and Imaginary Plane Art Prints

Jimi Hendrix Quote and Circus Bear Art Prints

The Letter I

Idiosyncrasies – Dear Friends Print by Kil. Sook
Ironic – Hungry Policemen Print by Deer Sweet Images
Iconic – Warhol Soup Cans by Alea Hurst Art
Inchworm – Handmade Inchworm Stuffed Animal by Bubbletime
Identity Crisis – Cat says Moo Pop Art Print by Type Posters
Inventor – My Thinking Cap Print by AugustEve
Idealist – Undo Print by Mamau
Incident – Humpty Print by Fall Down Tree
Imagination – Flying the Imagination Print by Ferran Torras
Intelligence – Knowledge Speaks Print by Volume Twenty Five
Inhumane – Sacha the Bear Print by Rob Bridges

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1 comment to Oddball Alphabet… The Letter I

  • Gorgeous idea!! 🙂
    Thank you for including my Undo illustration, I’m very happy to be the idealistic one 😀
    Have a great day!
    sara (teconlene in Etsy)

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