Oddball Alphabet... The Letter L

Rise and shine… it’s oddball alphabet time! Today’s fun and frivolity is proudly presented by The Legendary Letter L. Traditionally the letter of love, you can roll him off your tongue like a lullaby. Watch him closely though friends, he’s lively and likeable but he also loves the ladies!

The Letter L - Llama Art Print

Dairy-Free Art Print and Tree Hugger T-shirt

Lightsaber Art Print and Lifesavers Sculpture

The Four Tops Lyrics and Miss You Art Prin

Big Words Monster T-shirt and Lichtenstein Art Bracelet

Leprechaun Cushion and Geek Party Art Print

Superhero Art Prints - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman

The Letter L

Llama – Ruby-Sue Where are You Print by Penelope and Pip
Lactose Intolerant – Dairy Free Girl Print by Shop Ginger
Lumberjack – Tree Hugger Tee by Gnome Enterprises
Lightsaber – I Can be a Superhero Too Print by Atticus Finch Studio
LifeSaver – LifeSavers Sweet Mint Sculpture by Headexplodie
Lyrical – Sugar Pie Honey Bunch Print by I Shoot Nouns
Lonely – Music Print by Nidhi Chanani
Linguist – I Love Big Words T-shirt by FishCakes
Lichtenstein – Comic Romance Bracelet by Joolz
Leprechaun – Leprechaun Legs Pillow Cover by Designs by Nancy
Livin La Vida Loca – 24 Hour Party People Print by Jairus Tonel
Lethargic – Flying is Stupid Print by Michael Rapa
Legendary – Wonder Woman Print by The Secret Life of Toys

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