Western Australia... Living the Handmade Life

Welcome to the second edition of “Worldwide Stitch”, a feature that gives you a little peak at a range of delicious handmade treasures from around the globe. Today we take you to Western Australia, from the great wilderness of The Kimberly, to the bustling city of Perth.

Worldwide Stitch - A Handmade Project

Special thanks to Kellie from MooWoo Handmade for her assistance in curating this post. Kellie is proud to call Kununurra {in the Kimberly Region of WA} home. Scroll down to read more about Kellie’s Kununurra and why she loves it so!

Handmade in Western Australia - art, toys, clothes + accessories

Meet the Handmade Designers

Woddle Bots
Bright and colourful kids clothing, toys and accessories; handmade in Perth, WA.

Fun custom pop art portraits; created in Perth, WA.

The Savannah Room
Personalised fabric canvas wall decor; handmade in Perth, WA.

Leigh’s Obsession
A collection of cards and crafts; handmade in Hyden, WA.

Kerri Blades
Original artwork; created in Kununurra, WA.

Little Mo and Friends
Whimsical art, stationery, toys and jewellery; Handmade in Perth, WA.

Modern childrens clothing; handmade in Kalgoorlie, WA.

Ragged Splendour
Delightful dolls and softies; handmade in Perth, WA.

Happy as Larry Designs
Kids decor, mobiles and accessories; handmade in Perth, WA.

Jewellery and hair accessories; handmade in Perth, WA.

Kimberley Red Cards
Cards and albums; handmade in Kununurra, WA.

Poppy & Bea
Hair accessories, jewellery and gifts; handmade in Perth, WA.

Handmade in Western Australia

When the weather is hot and sticky, you’re feeling shopping deprived, a trip out of town is too far and too costly, and the water is off limits because there may just be a croc, you do wonder for a minute…why do we live here??

Then your mind flashes to the beautiful, powerful storms and lightening shows that fill our wet season sky, and to the months of summer days and crisp mornings of the dry!  You yearn for yet another camping trip, just down the road to Home Valley Station or El Questro Station, where the waterfalls flow and the crystal clear pools invite you for a swim!  Or if the two hour drive is just a little too far then a smaller trip to a closer water fall will allow the family to escape, relax and reflect on the beauty of the Kimberley!

Then there’s the barra that you caught long ago…75cm’s just wasn’t big enough and you can’t leave the Kimberley till you have hooked something bigger!  The kids can practice with a Brim fish on Lake Kununurra, where they can spot rock wallabies in the cliff faces of the beautiful red rock that borders the river.  Boating and skiing on Lake Kununurra or an outing to Lake Argle (Australia’s second largest artificial lake) can fill the boredom of a Sunday afternoon.

Kununurra is the base for all of this and more!  A friendly, family oriented – farming, tourism and mining town – where everyone is made to feel welcome! This is the last frontier, gateway to the East Kimberley’s, a beautiful place to live!

Image courtesy of Tourism Western Australia; “Ragged Range, south west of Kununurra”.

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