Meet Baby Bear Wardrobe...

This week I was invited by one of our newest sponsors, Baby Bear Wardrobe, to drop by and check out their newly launched store and summer collection. Well, I’m a sucker for anything kitschy and cute, so it was my pleasure to pick out a few of my favourites to share with you. There’s also some info below about their opening sale.

Baby and Kids Clothing Sale

Baby Bear Wardrobe is an online store run my Mum Bo. Originally from Korea, Bo moved to Australia 10 years ago to be with her Aussie husband and has recently added her first child to the family (a little boy). In Bo’s store you’ll find a range of Korean and Japanese kids fashion and accessories, all reasonably priced and all terribly cute.

Korean and Japanese Baby and Kids Clothing

Korean and Japanese Baby and Kids Clothing

The Baby Bear Wardrobe Grand Opening Sale is on now, with new arrivals popping up in the store weekly.

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