Cool Holiday Project... Get Crafty!

If you {or your kids} love to craft, paint or create then looking at these blank DIY delights will send you bonkers with excitement. They’re just begging to be turned into something fabulous… I personally couldn’t resist the challenge and have a set en route from chilly Brooklyn to sunny Queensland as I type. Oh the ideas….

DIY arts and crafts project

DIY arts and crafts project

DIY arts and crafts project

These wooden DIY kits are made by Goose Grease Undone and come primed and ready for you to paint your heart out. You can choose a complete kit with varnish, brushes and sandpaper (for mistakes) or opt for something a bit more quirky like a family of Russian Nesting Dolls. There’s even a few Christmas designs to choose from, or if you’re super organised…. get some eggs in preparation for Easter. If you decide to give it a go, send me a photo of your creations so I can share them with the world!

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