Fresh Baked Friday... Movember!

It’s Movember! One of the most entertaining months of the year; a celebration of staches, nose neighbours, face fungus, lip ticklers, flavour savers, cookie dusters and soup strainers. How could we not honour such sheer awesomeness. Happy Fresh Baked Friday my friends!

Secret Moustache Kids T-shirt by Oh Fiddlesticks

Movember - Moustache Themed Art and Toys

Each year Movember is responsible fuzzing up the faces of slick looking characters around the globe with the purpose of raising vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and depression. You can get involved by growing your own mo and seeking sponsorship for your awesomeness, or you can donate online via the Movember website.

The Ultimate Moustache Collection by Whisker Works

Get Moustachioed for Movember

  1. Secret Moustache Tee by Oh Fiddlesticks
  2. Watson Boogaloos Doll by Blabla
  3. Precious Moustache Card by Mister Mo and Co
  4. Henri Incognito Art Print by Henri Hopper
  5. Fancy Moustache Pins by Yummy Pocket
  6. The Ultimate Moustache Collection by Whisker Works

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