Fresh Baked Friday... Bunnies and Brights!

It’s Fresh Baked Friday! Amusing me today are these super cute creations by Dominique from Esbert’s Collection. The little dude in the beanie is Herman, he wears his woollies all year round as a fashion statement. His sidekicks are called the love bunnies + they’re breeding like, well bunnies and Herman needs to find a new home for one of them. Head over to Esbert’s blog to enter the giveaway.

Handmade softies and toys by Esbert's Collection

At only $10 a pop, the Esbert’s Collection love bunnies would make an awesome Secret Santa gift… way better than the standard random uncool gifts that are usually associated with workplace giving! I’d certainly love to find one popping it’s little head out of my stocking on Christmas morning. I’d have to be careful that our lovely dog didn’t find him first though… eek!

Oishi-m Bright Summer Kids T-shirts

For our second Fresh Baked serving today I couldn’t resist sharing some new summer kids t-shirts from Aussie kids label Oishi-m. These guys always amaze me with their awesome colour combos and patterns. How gorgeous is the Shoop Shoop Tee {top left} with it’s intricate vine print and stripey sleeves!? Definitely my favourite.

Well that’s it for another working week on {KID} independent. Join me tomorrow morning for breakfast… it’s banana pancakes with espresso chasers! There will also be another competition for you to enter and another super softie for Plushie Palooza! Wooo!

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