1st of the month... Hello November!

Happy 1st of the month! Boy am I excited about November. I’ve got so many tricks up my sleeve that if I fell over, I’d never be able to get back up! First up though, it’s time to draw the winner of our October subscriber competition…. 21 Gun Salute Please! {a drum roll just didn’t seem grand enough}.

October Subscribers Prize Winner

Congratulations to Sue Petrie who has won a $140 gift voucher to spend on super stylish summer denim at Little Rivet Jeans! Ooh, I’m so jealous! Nice work Sue, please check your inbox for your winning email.

Tiger Tribe Magnetic Play Books

Next on today’s agenda some info about our November competition. Just in time for the Christmas toy rush, we’re chuffed to have five fabulous magnetic play books to giveaway from our friends at Tiger Tribe. Just in case you’re new to the {KID} pages, all you have to do to enter our subscriber competitions is sign up to our newsletter. All subscribers are automatically entered into the prize draw.

Bonus PrizeIf you’re super excited about winning a magnetic play book for your kids this Christmas, you can score an extra entry into the Tiger Tribe draw by leaving a comment on this post telling us what your kids have on their Christmas list this year. Winners drawn on 1 December, 2010.

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44 comments to 1st of the month… Hello November!

  • Great prize! On their list my children have ‘a slinky’, ‘a kids umbrella’, ‘gardening tools’, ‘a sewing kit’, and added by me – clothes! Lou.

  • Oh, my girls love magnetic play books! And my oldest is asking for a bicycle for Christmas, which should be interesting considering how accident prone she is…LOL.

  • Maria

    Both of my sons wants a Thomas train set

  • Ellies too little to verbally as for anything – but as she is very into keys and locks at the moment I am going to try and find her some toy padlock type things. If you know where anything like that might be please let me know!!!

  • Erica

    According to my 3year old “A car and horsey, a unicorn and dino” but I think that magnetic set would be so great for the two day drive we have to her Nan and Poppys!

  • Both of my sons want a buz lightyear, I am hoping they will forget about it by Christmas…

  • Nadine

    My son loves to read books at the moment and i will definitely be getting some for his christmas stocking this year. The magnetic ones look great, i will definitely be purchasing some!

  • My DD has a new obsession with imaginary face painting, so some face paints are on order from santa this year.

  • Mon

    Sweet! Miss 5 is asking for a scooter.
    Miss 4 has demanded a guinea pig beanie bear she spotted at the pharmacy one day. She’s very worried that Santa won’t buy it before someone else does and is hoping I will help him.

  • My 4 year old wants santa to take him swimming with the sharks – hmm i dont think that will be happening.

  • seana

    My 8yo hasn’t asked for anything yet, I know two weeks before Christmas he will probably want whatever is so hot you can’t get one ANYWHERE. It makes it hard planing ahead but he’s got a nice little stash of suprises I’ve collected over the year. My 15mo is a bit easier as she will like everything this year should be lots of fun

  • Malea

    we are very lucky, our kids are grateful for anything they receive & when we ask what they would like, it’s always something simple like “butterfly pjs, thongs, a balloon” etc.

  • duplo is top of our Christmas list this year. My daughter just loves building towers with it.

  • Angylene

    I’d love to have one of these for my little girl!! This will be her first christmas, so she doesn’t have a list as such yet …. but I have on her list clothes, taggie blankets, and some bright artwork for her room πŸ™‚

  • My girls (who are 6 1/2) wrote their Christmas List to Santa a few weeks ago (getting in a bit early!!) and it was pretty much makeup, makeup, makeup… Gee they start early these days! Christine

  • cathy macnamara

    My daughter LOVES reading so more books are on the Christmas list (list compiled by Mummy as she is only 2). She loves magnetic things (they’re like “MAGIC!”) so Tiger Tribe’s Magnetic Books would be perfect. Also at this time of year we like to acknowledge how very fortunate we are and like to buy gifts from the World Vision Smiles Catalogue – so Miss Two will be receiving and also giving gifts of chickens, crop seeds, water purifying tablets and even a goat to help children like our Sponsor Child and others in developing countries. So much better than another plastic toy!

  • Carrie

    My kids want pretty much everything they see in the catalogues.

    Santa is bringing a trampoline, I hear, and a few other bits and pieces though.

  • Angela Grant

    My son has pointed out a few Thomas the tank toys and any car product that he can find, but he also picked out a few books and a magnetic book surprise would be fantastic to give him to use at home and for the 15 hour car trip we’re taking after christmas to see his new cousin.

  • Louise

    My son wants anything noisy (yay for mummy and daddy!). This includes a wiggles guitar and large xylophone we found at the toy shop last week. I’ll just make sure Santa brings something with an ‘off’ switch!

  • Kristy

    My 3 y.o. son and I wrote a letter to Santa this morning and he asked for ….
    – a baby bird
    – a baby kitten
    – a baby puppy
    – a baby mouse
    – some glue and some glitter.

    Pretty sure he wont be getting any of the babies though!

  • My son has requested a super hero cape and my daughter is enjoying the new Billie B Brown books so will hopefully add to her collection.

  • Candice

    ‘All the Animals’ magnetic play set is awesome. My son would love to have that in his stocking for Christmas. He has asked for a Thomas train & some dinky cars so we will see how santa goes.
    This will be my youngest son’s first Christmas so as he cant ‘ask’ (lol) he will be getting a toy phone, some clothes & a few other bits and pieces.

  • Belinda

    Lollies are at the top of my two year olds list for Christmas.
    High 5’s all round, I’m sure Santa can make her wish come true.
    On the other hand the list mummy is compiling has the Barbie Dream House that I never got myself…..

  • Hermine

    SymΓ©on is dreaming of a firefighter truck!
    Happy fall!

  • Amy

    My 1 yr old will be getting a little splash pool and my 3 yr old would like to become Fireman Sam πŸ˜‰ instead he will get a few Sam videos.

  • jenny

    my 2 yr old william is a fix it man just like his daddy so he is getting a tool bench with a cordless drill from Father Chrismas this year. Cant wait I love Christmas

  • Di

    My 3 year old wants a bicycle, and his Pa went and bought him one too! Spoilt! I think he’s too young for it but he seems to love his other ride-on bikes and he has a scooter. Bring on Crristmas!

  • Paper.
    Well, she’s only 8 months old at the moment, so she’s not quite at the “mummy, I want” stage yet, but she’s pretty fond of paper. If she gets one in her mouth, even if she’s choking and gagging on it, she refuses to let me remove it. Clamps the jaw shut and pushes my hands away. That girl isn’t giving up her “treasure.”

  • katie

    mr almost 2 is obsessed with ‘fork trucks’ (ie digger trucks) so they are currently featuring high on our christmas list this year πŸ™‚ we’re also into play dough, musical instruments and imaginary play so i’m sure he’ll get some bits and pieces there too!

  • I haven’t even attempted to bring up the ‘Christmas List’ for my 2 yet. I’ve had a few things on lay-by for a while though and am keeping it very simple with 1 big present to share and a few stocking fillers. Let’s hope I picked right!! πŸ™‚

  • chont

    Toy Story 3 Western train duplo set

  • My 11 year old wants books and more books…and a Blythe doll. My twin babies, well I’m wishing for them…some blocks and a red wagon, and we’d love some Tiger Tribe treasures too! πŸ™‚

  • A Blythe doll would be a FAB pressie for an 11 year old πŸ™‚

  • Natalie

    Top of my Christmas list is to have my first baby delivered by then! On the babies list is probably cuddles, cuddles and more cuddles (oh, and clean nappies and plenty of milk!)

  • Kym

    Pretend play foods and kitchen if she knew how to ask santa that would be the top of the list she is always playing in home corner at day care and I think she will be very excited come Christmas morning. All the lovely wooden and felt foods you can get are just so magical for a little girl. Some felt tea bags are on the list next. Also a few little stocking stuffers like books, stickers and a some tiger tribe goodies πŸ™‚ of course!

  • Colleen

    My special 3 year old grandson will be happy with anything in the toy catalogue. Actually I am sure he would be happy with a supply of catalogues!

  • Dy

    My 3 year old son would like a pink rocket. πŸ™‚

  • Maree

    9 year old – ipod shuffle

    6 year old – Littlest Pet Shops, Party Animals

    3 Year old – Batman’s House ( lol )

  • Tennille

    My son is too little to write a list of wants yet. His favourite thing at the moment is watching the blinds. So he’d probably want a windy day so he can watch them blow.

  • Me

    Well I’m super excited! I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas already. How time flies…

    My girls are into all things ‘Activity’ so their requests are simple: pencils, stickers, nail polish… maybe a fabulous Tiger Tribe magnetic play book?

    These are amazing by the way. I particularly like Transport in the City and All the Animals. What a fabulous teaching tool! Good luck everyone!

  • sue petrie

    Well! my grandchildren are into tinkerbell so they want everything to do with tinkerbell .Boy! their mum and dad are going to be broke Happy holiday

  • cameron

    My 3year old son is desperate for a slot car set! He has been car crazy from 6 months of age

  • Joanne

    Maddison needs a trike for christmas. Even though she is only 1o months old it is clear that this is on her list because she is constantly climbing on and off her brothers xx

  • Tiahne Wood

    so glad my friend has sent me to your site. It is bright and bubblin with exciting products: **wowee**. My children would like a wadding pool for christmas as they are outdoors kiddies and its the only way we will be able to spend the time outdoors during summer :o) Hope I have commented and signed up in time to be a contestant in this competition :o) <3 Tiahne @ miss.tiahne@y7mail.com

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