Are we there yet? Music for holiday road trips!

The road trip is a right a passage for every child and a test of patience for every grown-up. Only the bravest {or craziest} of parents would attempt to hit the road without an arsenal of snacks and activities to keep whipper snappers entertained. So for today’s indie gift guide I’ve composed a selection of rockin’ indie kids CDs that are big on the whimsy factor, and easy on the cheese factor.

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The Pop Ups

Outside Voices - The Pop Ups

Okay folks, here is my number one pick... it's pure genius. Buy it even if you don't have kids! In fact, unless you listen to the words closely you wouldn't even know this was a kids album. I can't get enough of the indie, electro-pop sound... it's pure awesomeness.

Have a listen!

Recess Monkey

The Final Funktier - Recess Monkey

This CD has an upbeat, bouncy sound that permeates all the tracks on the album and leaves you bopping along, singing to the hooks and laughing at your husband's attempts at beat-boxing {oh wait, that might just be me...}.

Have a listen!

Jim Cosgrove

Swimming in Noodles - Jim Cosgrove

We recently reviewed this one on KID independent and it's been a backseat sing-a-long favourite ever since. Energetic, whimsical and super fun, Jim's oddball antics are tough to beat.

Have a listen!

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Underground Playground - Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

16 tracks of head nodding hip hop/kid hop goodness. This album has an old school vibe, some big beats, some killer hooks and some funky melodies!

Have a listen!

Sugar Free Allstars

Funky Fresh and Sugar Free - Sugar Free Allstars

This CD kicks off with a song called "Rock Awesome" which I can guarantee will become a road trip favourite. Play this one when you need a pick me up or to embarrass the kids with head banging and air punching...

Have a listen!

Justin Roberts

Jungle Gym - Justin Roberts

Jungle Gym is an experience in classic pop-rockery with tracks such as "New Haircut", which is simply hilarious, interspersed with a few laid back charming grooves such as "Snow Day". I love the nostalgic feeling that I get from listening to Justin's lyrics.

Have a listen!

Randy Caplan

The Kids are all ID - Randy Kaplan

I dig the story telling behind this album. I also like the randomness of Randy's lyrics... definitely high on the quirk factor and good for a giggle.

Have a listen!

Uncle Rock

The Big Picture - Uncle Rock

If you like your rock with a side of roll, then this one's for you. Loving the song "Buddy Holly's Got the Hiccups". I'm also digging the Uncle Rock Christmas album. Track five is an awesome version of "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch".

Have a listen!

The Okee Dokee Brothers

Take It Outside - The Okee Dokee Brothers

Serving up a heaping helping of Bluegrass and Twangy Banjos... yeeeehaaaa! This is the perfect CD if you can't resist a good hoedown. I'm not a fan of country, but I still found this CD heaps of fun.

Have a listen!

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem

Ranky Tanky - Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem

This album is all about toe-tappin', knee slappin' fun. Listen to track two "The Green Grass Grows All Around" and you'll feel the electricity creeping into your toes, up your legs and into your soul... it's just good ol' fashioned fun.

Have a listen!

Elizabeth Mitchell

Sunny Day - Elizabeth Mitchell

Sunny Day is a charming and melodic CD that seamlessly blends Elizabeth's unique voice with soothing harmonies and the sweet voice of her lovely daughter. Perfect for relaxing during quiet time...

Have a listen!

Frances England

Mind of My Own - Frances England

A bunch of playful, quirky and jingly feel good songs with a distinctly indie appeal. The words float along in your mind like you're living them... so descriptive, so addictive.

Have a listen!

Kindy Rock

Jiggles - Kindy Rock

This one is for the parents who prefer the more traditional "wiggle-esque" style of kids music. Choose from fun interactive dance styles including Jiggles, Twist, Hoedown or the new release Christmas CD.

Have a listen!

There's a new guide every week until Christmas!

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