Inspirational activities from makedo + giveaway!

What do you have planned for the holidays? I’m looking forward to plonking my butt on the floor with the kids and making stuff! So today’s post is a big dose of inspiration for me, you and your whole family. Introducing some cool creations from makedo and an awesome crafty giveaway.

Makedo arts and crafts for kids

So what’s it all about? Makedo is a reusable connector system for creating objects, toys and spaces from recycled materials. All you need is a few cardboard boxes, perhaps some yoghurt containers, ice cream sticks, egg cartons… pretty much anything you can find around the house. Then you simply cut them up with your “safe-saw” and assemble them with the clips and hinges in the makedo pack. Fun!

Makedo arts and crafts robots

Makedo Connector Kits - Crafty Car

These awesome robots are my favourites from the makedo gallery. We’re somewhat obsessed with robots in this household, so they’re definitely high on the crafty agenda. I’m loving the little “WALL-E” styled guy in green, he looks like he’d be tons of fun to play with. I’m thinking that a whole army of robots might be a fun Christmas Day project… better stock up on tin foil…

Makedo Connector Kits - Crafty Dog

Congratulations to Rebecca Freeman, our makedo winner!

CompetitionWin a KIT for THREE and a FIND&MAKE {winners choice of design} from makedo. To enter, visit makedo to get inspired by the amazing creations and then tell us in the comment section below what you would create with makedo to upload to the online galleries. Winner drawn on 25 November, 2010.

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43 comments to Inspirational activities from makedo + giveaway!

  • Linda

    My 5 year old daughter would create a treasure box, with flip up lid and lavish decorations, to store her special things.

  • I’d create… Something really bizarre I guess.
    My 16 month old would just create an artful mess. 🙂

  • lisa

    I love the playhouse, but I think my kids would be into making a ‘cat house’ for our lovely burmese Zoe, who’s quite particular about where she sleeps!

  • Lisa

    The hardest thing my daughter and I will have to do, is to decide which creation to make first, the doll house or the play house.

  • Noel

    My son is obsessed with trucks and trailers so that’s what we would make. Cool!

  • Catherine

    I’d wait and see what ideas my daughter had – maybe a robot? maybe a bus or a train???

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  • Brenda Kapsley

    i could see a puppy or cat being made if my daughter got her hands on makedo any cute animal will be done lol

  • isabeau

    WOW what a clever creation! I would definately try out the car x 3 for each of my kids thaey would love cruising around in them!

  • Me

    ‘Driven’ by all things ‘wheely’ cute, we’d be making our mark in the vehicles section… And the candy train looks like a terrific start – a great idea for a Christmas centrepiece!

  • Karla

    my kids would love to build a castle to play with

  • Bianca

    Wow how fantastic does everything look 😀

    I think my kidlets would love making the creatures, costumes and well everything and me the big kid would enjoy “helping” lol

  • Carolyn

    We would try and make an Owl as my daughter is totally in LOVE with Hoot the Owl from Giggle and Hoot on ABC 🙂

  • Angylene

    We would definitely make a dolls house 🙂

  • Natalie

    As a scrapbooker, I just love the ‘stem sells’ – the gorgeous bunch of flowers! I can see the bits and pieces of the makedo kit disappearing into my albums.. oh that’s right, they’re meant to be for the kids to play with! Oops!

  • katie

    oooh, how much fun (for me, not just for the kids!)… with a son who is OBSESSED with ‘fork trucks’ (backhoes) and ‘diggers’ (to bribe him at the moment we just take him to the nearby building site to watch the trucks!), i would be turning my hand to a bit of contruction vehicle construction – if you know what i mean!

  • Ayfun Tan

    i will play with my kids and make a BIG cubby house!!! then they can crawl inside and play tea parties. RIght now they have a thOMAS THE TANK engine playhouse but i think if they made it themselves the house will be MUCh more FUN!!!

  • Samantha Connell

    I know my hubby would love to make ANYTHING with it and tell our girls (2 and 4 years) all his childhood toy stories (yawn!), “When I was young, you had to make your toys like this…”

  • Mons

    Definitely a treasure box. Jess has so many treasures and creating a special box to hold them would be great fun and very rewarding.

  • nadia

    our 4yr old Taige would love to make a racing car out of old ceral boxes

  • Di

    Wow, so many ideas spring to mind, the options are endless! I’d love to create a robot or a cat, but I’m sure my son would have fun making a big car! Broom Broom!

  • susan

    my boys would make the Polar Express, complete with a carriage for cats and one for sand, combining their 3 favourite things! they’d probably trawl the supermarket for the ideal size / colour boxes first too!

  • kali

    The geodesic dome is pretty amazing!

  • Erica

    Those galleries are fantastic!!! I think I’d be very tempted to make a cubby, a patchwork cubby actually, how gorgeous would one look made out of cereal boxes, some pretty papers stuck on some and of all that xmas present packaging we get. In love with my idea! haha!

  • Jenni-Mae

    My children and I would love to make a structure- the igloo type ones on the Makedo website looked awesome.

  • Kristy

    A space man or robot – mr 3.5 loves getting crafty and any box at the moment gets turned into one of those!!

  • We would have great fun making a car, bus or some other mode of transport.

  • Suzie

    My nephew and i would make a Kombi van – Kombi’s being the number one obsession. I love Makedo so much – I love that they are fostering creativity.

  • Carmenpol

    I’d probably create a vehicle, my sons always want me to make cars or trucks !

  • Bek

    Wow, this stuff is right up my son’s alley. This morning he made a S.W.A.T team out of toilet rolls and vehicles for each of them- I’d love to see what he’d make using makedo. I’d like to make a little shop front for them to play shops.

  • Kristie Cubbin

    My kids are crazy for frogs so I would try and make a frog or frog family with them.

  • Michelle

    How awesome are these!!! I think we would make robots, lots of robots 😉 The possibilities are endless!!!! Yay, no more fiddly sticky-tape that my son manages to get everywhere except where he wants it hehe

  • Jennifer

    I love love LOVE the find and make dollhouse kit. My daughter would have such a ball making a mansion for her “clickies” (our family name for playmobil–no idea where it came from!).

  • Rebecca

    I would make a scarecrow with the kids for our vegetable garden. These look fantastic and a great deal of fun.

  • If I know my daughters, I think we’d be making a princess fairy themed something like a robot… Would LOVE the opportunity to find out is that is the case!

  • Chelsea

    I think we’d start with a robot, but there are so many possibilities. These look awesome!

  • Victoria

    I just realized that this could be the answer to my funky storage space dilema – I want some shelves for near the front door to store bike helmets, frisbees, sun hats, and gizmos – but I don’t want it to be sat on! I could make it out of boxes wrapped in beautiful paper or fabric – it’d look cool, and be strong enough for the job, yet too delicate for the kids to treat as though it was solid wood. And we could make it together! Yay!

  • Jodie Robertson

    We would probably start with the robot but love and would try them all.

  • Gail Camplin

    Getting creative with my grandchildren we’ll most likely end up an animal train, or anything with wheels, with either Spiderman or a fairy as the driver

  • Kym

    Such a cool, cool idea! I would have a hard time picking between the playhouse and the doll house, maybe both! Awesome fun for days!

  • Jennifer

    I’d create a Trader Joe’s robot using all of the packaging from my yummy Trader Joe’s food packages.

  • I once made a Wall-E costume for my nephew, from scratch. Took a lot of cardboard pieces, hotglue on my hair, and paints all over the place. If I had known Makedo earlier, I would have avoided all troubles and made better looking Wall-E. I think this time it would be an EVA costume for my daughter.

  • Congratulations to Rebecca Freeman, our Makedo winner! 

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