NAME IT {and win it} by Little Monstas

Today we’re digging this cool new concept from our friends at Little Monstas. The NAME ITΒ© clothing range is a collection of handmade top and pant sets featuring custom printed fabrics personalised with your child’s name, favourite sayings, random words or even basic repeat pictures. Scroll down for a dose of coolness and a super fun giveaway…

NAME IT Handmade Kids Clothing by Little Monstas

How cute is little Rory in his stylin’ boardies? This is my favourite set from the new NAME IT collection but you can choose from all sorts of fonts, colours and styles. There’s a range of cotton tees, singlet tops, board shorts, girly shorts and nappy covers with sets ranging in price from $39.95 to $44.95 depending on size.

NAME IT Handmade Kids Clothing - Personalised Prints

Congratulations to R. Johnstone our NAME IT winner!

CompetitionWin a NAME IT custom printed set for your little boy or girl {navy fabric, any style + ink colour}. To enter, just tell us your child’s nickname in the comments section below. The most fun nickname or story behind the nickname will win. Prize drawn on Thursday 25 November, 2010.

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33 comments to NAME IT {and win it} by Little Monstas

  • Erin

    Our little boy is call Thomas, but when he is being a little ratbag he gets TOMONSTER!

  • My daughter’s name is Marah (rhymes with Sarah) and she looks just like Boo from Monsters Inc. For awhile we all just called her Boo, but then the nickname “Maribou” (like the long feathered scarves) just stuck. It fits her perfectly… all drama and sweetness. The essence of girlie.

  • Alicia

    Sarah: Missy Moo Poo or Princess
    Jarod: Muppet or Cretin
    Rhiannon: Rhee..or Pumpkin

  • Samantha

    Our son’s nickname is ‘Bug’. He has always been my snugglebug and his Daddy is an agronomist so Bug suits our cheeky little guy perfectly. He already has quite an extensive collection of bugs but a cute outfit from Little Monstas would be perfect for our little critter!

  • Jessica

    My boys nickname is chunchitto. (in English it’s translates to piglet) It might seems slack but when he was a lol baby he was so chubby, even when just breastfeed. He eats everything you place in front of him, sweets and vegetables. He’s not a fussy eater…… Just like a chunchitto. Haha.

  • Jen

    Love the outfit.. πŸ™‚

  • my daughter is named caidence as soon as she turned 2 she got bossy so her nickname is boss it suits her perfectly

  • Karen Donovan

    We call our little man Super Cooper πŸ™‚

  • Bec

    You guys make amazing stuff!! Love it all my little man has
    3 outfits so far and I love them


  • my 5 month old daughter Addison is a perfect little chickybabe so her nickname is chick

  • Melany Cooper

    My daughter is called Madylin. Somewhere along the lines it turned into Madi-Moo and its stuck. She also gets Moozle and Moozleni or just Moo. I really need to try and stop calling her Madi Moo or Moo in public I have had some strange looks hehe

  • My sons nick name is Prince Cheeky Bum, he is 4 mths old. Prince cause iv always been called a princess so he is my little prince. and Cheeky Bum cause his personality is coming out, His sooo cheeky!!!! I have also named my facebook shop after him =]

  • Amanda

    I love Little Monsters new concept my little guys name is Rhylee spelt differently from the traditional Riley and it is such a great idea that you can have your childs clothes personalised with their name. Great work Little Monsters.

  • Kim

    My son Cameron is called Boo. He used to be baby boobie bear because he is breastfeed and loves to snuggle in and feed. As he has gotten bigger it has been shortened to boobie bear then boo-boo bear and now it’s just boo.

  • Solducky

    My daughter is Evelyn, and she loves strawberries – strawberry anything is always her favorite. We call her Evie, which is also a variety of strawberry plant. She is pretty much strawberry through and through!

  • Jacqui Bain

    I love this range, am going to get a set for my little man Benji’s 1st birthday .. also know as Froggy after his huge smiles πŸ™‚

  • Kerry Malesza

    My little girl’s name is Franki and she’s get’s really grumpy so she’s gets called “The Crankster”

  • Toni Burford

    My eldest Malachi, is 7 and he doesnt have a nickname, no. 2 is Tobias and doesnt have a nickname either.Our cheekiest boy is Jeremiah, we all call him Jezzah as it suits his character to a tee <3 My daughter is Emelyn and she gets called Petal <3

  • My son’s name is Lucas so we call him Lukey Loo.

  • Aphie

    Morgan has lots of nicknames; The Morganism, Puggle, Pugglebunny (especially when smaller and definitely resembling a puggle), Morganzola, Morgs and The Tiny Tyrant. Nicknames are fun!

  • […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Robin Corpuz, {KID} independent. {KID} independent said: A cute concept and a cool giveaway from our friends at Little Monstas… […]

  • My boy’s name is Cavan. From birth my brother, his uncle call him “caveman”. Best part was when he was 1+ year old he answers to Caveman! He’s now 5 years old and if being called Caveman will just ignore πŸ™‚

  • Roxy

    My boy’s name is cassius, his name means vain or box. When younger he was wide as he was tall, so box suited. He couldnt pass a reflective surface without looking at himself, so vain suited as well.
    As most know who Cassius Clay is my Cass lived to that name too, by bowling over and beating up his toddler friends.
    As a toddler he was a tornado so ferral merryl stuck.

    Now he’s a 6 yer old pumpkin poo, no idea where it came from but it stuck, much to his embarresment when i let it slip among his school friends

  • Allison

    My son’s name is Lachlan, his nickname is Lochie or when we are in hospital, Lucky, as he is a heartkid a has had two open heart surgery’s and we are just so lucky to have him with us.

  • isabeau

    I have 3 kids
    my oldest daughter who’s name is Willow is Wilbrace as in wheelbrace because her dad is a caraholic!
    my second daughters name is Kaleigh and we call her boombah dont know how it stuck she wasnt even very chubby but its funny
    and my little man Licoln is nicknamed lil dude cos hes our lil dude lol

  • Me

    I have two daughters, Grace (2) & Lara (4mths) and four younger sisters… yes, a hormonal environment at times!

    Both my daughters have been nicknamed by their adoring aunties. Respectively, Lamb Shanks (indicating the size of her legs) and Lara Bear.

    Grace now also refers to Lara as Lara Bear… very endearing and incredibly cute!

  • Malea

    My daughther’s name is Amity & has always been very small for her age – when she was learning to talk she pronounced her name as “Itty”, so we call her “Itty Bitty”. Suits her perfectly.

  • Kym

    My daughter’s name is Chloe and over the course of the last 21 months since she was born Grandpa has developed her nickname. From Chloe she became Chlo, from Chlo she became Lo and this worked into Lowly. The little cheeky worm in the Richard Scary books. When we were children Dad didn’t like reading books so much but we always played hunt the hidden Lowly the worm in the big books that are filled with lots of pictures and Lowly is still a favourite after 30 years with my daughter.

    Also I would love to share one of my favourite stories of how a little boy in England who was in my preschool class got his nickname. His nickname was Lucky and infact you have to think hard to think what his birth name was because he was called Lucky by everyone and really ownly known as Lucky. When he was born he had the cord wrapped around his neck, the doctors managed to remove the cord and get him breathing but he was left with some mild brain damage. But he was so lucky to be alive that from then on he was know as Lucky. Just wanted to share that as he was such a special little boy and his nickname was just perfect for him.

  • Louise & Lachlan

    Love all of the clothes from Little Monstas and think this new idea is awesome!
    Lachlan has a very original nickname of Lachie!
    Lately we’ve been calling him squirrel sometimes because he’s like Dug in the movie “Up”…changing focus from one moment to the next…LOL! πŸ™‚

  • Beau

    Our litle girl is named Charli and her nick name is chicka. Translates little. She was given that name because she was born alot smaller then her older brother. He was 10 pound, she was born 7 pound. We give our kids nick names based on their trait or personality.

  • Beau

    Our little girls name is Charli her nickname is chicka….. Translates to little. She was given that name because she was born alot littler then her big brother. We give our kids nicknames based on their personality and there little traits.

  • Kelly

    Remember that so-daggy-it’s-cool song from the 80s “Agadoo”? (Agadoo doo doo push pineapple shake the tree… complete with daggy actions)

    Well from very early days it has made my son smile/laugh whenever I sang it. Well his name is Jagger so we call him Jaggadoo and now the song goes “Jaggadoo doo doo” and he just loves it!

  • Congratulations to R. Johnstone our NAME IT winner… The nickname “Lamb Shanks” is just too precious for words.

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