Oddball Alphabet... The Letter O

Oh boy… we’ve made our way through the alphabet to the Opulent Letter O. He’s outrageous and opinionated, and just a little odd; which is exactly why we adore him, and his sweetly spherical squad. Make a cute face and purse your lips and let him out with a sigh, or take a deep breath and stick your chest out and make your letters fly…. ooooOOOO!

The Letter O - Oddball Needle Felted Rattle

Broken Doll and Cute Pug Dog Art Prints

Happy Kids Art Print and Miniature Kitten Softie

Walrus and Vintage Typewriter Art Prints

Geeky Guy Art Print and Superhero Cupcake Topper

Hand Knitted Bird Softies and Origami Ornament

Oscar The Grouch T-shirt and Oscar Wilde Button

The Letter O

Oddball – Needle Felted Monster Ball by AsherJasper
Owwie Aceo Print by BoopsieDaisy
Obedient – Pug Print by John W Golden
Optimist – Find Your Happy Thought Print by Orange Studio
Objet d’art – Sweet Stuffling Miniature Kitten by Gingermelon
Orthodontistry – Awkward stages in the Arctic Print by The D.A.D Project
Obsolete – Reproduction Typewriter Art Print by Michele Maule
Obscenity – The Obscene Call Art Print by Kill Taupe
Onomatopoeia – Pow Cupcake Toppers by Two Sugar Babies
Ornithology – Itty Bitty Birdies by Yarn Miracle
Origami – Star Ornaments by Rigmarole
Oscar (The Grouch) – Applique T-shirt by Bella Grace
Oscar (Wilde) – Pin Back Button by Storyteller Arch

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