Oddball Alphabet... The Letter P

Good morning my phonetic friends. Today’s edition of the oddball alphabet celebrates the provocative letter P! He’s perfectly precocious, and poignant when put in a pickle. He’s playful, pleasant and peaceful as long as you give him a tickle… He can be a little bit sneaky, when paired with an H or an S. So keep your eye on him closely or you could end up in a mess!

The Letter P - Free Cupcakes Art Print

Rubber Duck Art Print and Elephant Miniature Toy

Seedling and Monkey Art Prints

Santa Sculpture and Handmade Toy Racecar

Edgar Allan Poe Raven and Little Red Riding Hood Art Prints

Paranoid Illustrated Magnet and Happy Pills Tin

Toy Dinosaur Brooch and Psychology Greeting Cards

The Letter P

Philanthropist – Generous Cupcake Print by The Little Mushroom
Postmodernism – Yellow Duck Art Print by Jelly Circus
Pachyderm – Circus Elephant Miniature by The Twelfth Dimension
Phytogenesis – Grow Little Seedling Print by Tascha
Primate – The Monkey Drummer by Iota Illustration
Pacifist – Santas Speak Out Figure by Bunny with a Tool Belt
Palindrome – Wooden Race Car Kit by Little Builder Toy Co.
Poe (Edgar Allan) – Raven’s Lost Heart Print by Parachute 425
Predicament – The Wolf Strikes Print by Sugar Donkey
Paranoid – Scaredy Cat Magnet by Deli’s Dainty Designs
Pharmacology – Happy Pills Tin by Pend’Art
Palaeontology – Toy Dinosaur Brooch by Drella Jones
Psychoanalysis – Shrink Cards by Maceymack Design & Illustration

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