Oddball Alphabet... The Letter Q

Hello and welcome to another issue of the Oddball Alphabet! Today’s quirky collection is courtesy of The Letter Q. What do we love about charming Mr Q? He’s quirky and quizzical and prone to quackery; and he’s quick and quotable, and always notable!

The Letter Q - Qwerty Keyboard

James Dean Pendant and Quiff Brooch

Sailor Art Print and Finger Puppets

Gingerbread House Miniature and Handmade Baby Beanies

Cupcake Monster Print and Fortune Teller Tarot Cards

Queen Print and Quasimodo Puppet

Quackery Remedy Label and Manuel Fawlty Towers DVD

The Letter Q

Qwerty – Black Weekend Keys Art Print by Lola’s Room
Quintessential – James Dean Pendant by Dazzle Bella
Quiff – Hand Drawn Beard and Quiff Brooch by Amy Walters
Quartermaster – The Educated Sailor Print by Nan Lawson
Quarrel – Husband and Wife Finger Puppets by Yaelfran
Quaint – Gingerbread House Miniature by Shay Aaron
Quintuplets – Munchkin Hats by Mad About Colour
Queasy – She Knew the Cupcake would be her Downfall Print by Emma Klingbeil
Questions – The Fortune Teller Print by The Black Apple
Queen – Poster by The Queen Of Quite A Lot
Quasimodo – Igor Sculpture by Can Create
Quackery – Dr. Eamers Remedy Label by ARTicles by Teresa
Que – Manuel from Fawlty Towers

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