Squish me, shake me, chew me... Ollie Rose!

Squish them, shake them, chew them, cuddle them… here’s a cool handmade find for the folks who are shopping for an itty bitty person this Christmas. It comes to you straight from the sewing machine of the crafty folks at Ollie Rose.

Handmade Baby Rattles by Ollie Rose

I love the cheery facial expressions and bright colours that Ollie Rose use in their handmade rattles. Each one is made with series of ribbon loops for playing, exploring and chewing and are just the right size for chubby little hands. The tags are triple stitched for safety.

Handmade Baby Rattles by Ollie Rose

The original Ollie Rose handmade rattle was the classic Giraffe. The first one was made in 2006 but they’re just as popular in 2010 with each new creation selling like hotcakes. The Babushka and Monster Rattles are newer to the collection and are printed onto custom designed Ollie Rose fabrics. What do we love about them? They’re quirky, they’re choc-full of personality and they sell for a very reasonable $15.95.

Handmade Baby Rattles by Ollie Rose

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