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Welcome to day twenty of the Plushie Palooza Toy Festival. Today’s mystical master of mayhem and magic is handmade by Laura from intimidnation. If you’d like to create some mischief with Roofswool, don’t forget to tell us in the comments section below. Each comment will count as a vote for intimidnation towards the Golden Plushie award.

Handmade Plushie by Intimidnation

About Roofswool
Roofswool likes to eat spiders. He is made from fleece, wool felt and polyester fiberfill. His intriguing and mystical eyes are made from plastic.

A whirly, swirly string of light
Circles through the sky at night
Blackened strands jut out under his pointed top
He moves the stars, they dance and drop
Sitting, stirring, potions delight
The sky turns dark, the cool air bites
Marble eyes and toothy-white
Magic abounds on this very night!

About Intimidnation
Laura from in-TIMID-nation has been creating plushies since 2003. Her creative process is largely freestyle, as she likes to be surprised with the outcome. Her inspiration comes from fashion, music, movies and the world around her. As kids, Laura and her brother and collected stuffed animals and created a whole town of plush. Pele the Koala with a southern drawl, Clock Badock the sassy Penguin and Oswald the flying green Bunny were just a few that lived in the plush town of Cranberry… Laura’s keeping the dream alive today!

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