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Welcome to day nine of the Plushie Palooza Toy Festival. Today’s little Antarctic fellow is handmade by Katia from Plushka. If Mr Penguin’s supreme cuteness is giving you chills, don’t forget to tell us in the comments section below. Each comment will count as a vote for Plushka towards the Golden Plushie award.

Handmade Penguin Softie by Plushka

About Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin was sketched on a rainy afternoon in a small studio in Sydney. He was then hand-stitched and made from hand dyed woolen felt and beautiful Japanese linen, which is a part of the Far Far Away collection by Heather Ross. Mr Penguin has many quirky friends, and although they are created with the same pattern, each one has it’s own character and facial expression.

About Plushka
Plushka was created by designer Katia about a year ago when she felt the urge to express herself creatively. She has been crafting since she was 12, doing embroidery and hand sewing. Originally from Russia, Katia’s cultural background taught her to treasure handmade craft and creating something helps her to not only indulge her creative side but also honour her heritage. Katia loves to work with the rough texture of linen that she uses for her cross-stitch, as well as cute Japanese fabric and felt. She is inspired by beautiful fabrics, bright colours and textiles, traditional crafts, photography and French and Japanese styles.

Interesting Fact… Plushka is named after Katia’s favorite type of Russian pastry, which has a pretty heart shape and symbolizes her love for everything made by hand.

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