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Welcome to day eighteen of the Plushie Palooza Toy Festival. Today’s luscious and lovely lion is handmade by Sian from StrawberryKitten. If you’re positively insane for his cute felty mane, don’t forget to tell us in the comments section below. Each comment will count as a vote for StrawberryKitten towards the Golden Plushie award.

Handmade Lion Soft Toy by StrawberryKitten

About Larry the Lion
Meet Larry the lion! Lions are usually courageous aren’t they? Well Larry is on the quiet side and prefers to snuggle rather than roar like the other lions. He loves anything orange just like his fur so he lists his favourite food as carrots. Larry the plush lion is made from a lovely soft faux fur, fleece, felt and stuffed with high quality toy stuffing.

About StrawberryKitten
Sian, designer behind the StrawberryKitten label, is self taught crafter based in Yorkshire, England. She has been crafting for many years now but only started making and selling plush bears this year. Sian loves animals and is always looking for new creatures to turn into cute plushies. Her current collection includes a range of sweet and cuddly bears, all with different personalities, likes and dislikes, hobbies and interests.

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