Belle & Boo... Things to do!

I’m a bit of a planner and like to gather together all sorts of fun activities when holidays are imminent. I’m a big fan of books and crafts, and also the good old fashioned ‘fort-made-from-boxes-and-sheets’ kind of activities. This week I’ve been on the look out for something a little bit sweet and girly, and was reminded of a book by Belle & Boo that I’ve been meaning to get my mitts on…

Belle & Boo Bubbles Before Bedtime Book

Bubbles Before Bedtime is the first release in the Belle & Boo “To Do Book” series and was released a couple months ago to rave reviews. It follows Belle and her little rabbit Boo through her bath and bedtime routine and comes complete with bath time puppet, dress-up dolls, paper boats, a hot chocolate recipe and a few other little treats.

Belle & Boo Paper Dress Up Dolls

The paper dolls in Bubbles Before Bedtime are also perfectly matched in size to the Belle & Boo Paper Dress Up Doll, as pictured above with adorable mix and match outfits. Oooh, so much dress up fun to be had!

Belle & Boo Paper Dress Up Dolls

You can find the Belle & Boo range at Style Aficionado, priced at $16.95 for the book and $11.00 for the additional dress up dolls.

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