Completely and Utterly Baked...

I really should start this feature by apologising for it’s deliciously decadent and terribly tempting nature. It’s unlikely that you’ll make it to the bottom row before you feel the sugar fairies creeping into your heads and filling your brain with candy-coloured dreams… mmmmmmm… candy…

Baking Jewellery, Accessories, Treats

Oh So Sweet!

  1. Scrumptious Sandwich Cookie Necklace by Glamasaurus
  2. Sweet Cupcake Brooch by Brooches by So & So!
  3. Eat Me Cake Topper Picks by Anista Designs
  4. Vintage Inspired Sweet Tags by Amaretto
  5. Orange Cream Fruit Tart Stud Earrings by Tiny Tongue
  6. The Baking Necklace by Freshy Fig
  7. Pink Stripe Cupcake Liners by HeyYoYo
  8. Bubble Bath Cupcake by Platypus Dreams

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