Fresh Baked Friday... Summer Favourites

Happy Friday! This weekend I’ll be staying well away from shopping centres or any other place where car-park hunting is classified as a sport! Instead, I’ll be packing up the family and heading out for a leisurely relax-while-you-can-before-the-christmas-madness-hits picnic… But first things first, here’s a pre-weekend handmade treats for you!

Handmade Playsuit and Pinafore Dress

First up today, two sweet little outfits in pink that I spotted this week. The playsuit to the left is handmade by the folks at Cheeki Babi. It’s available in sizes 0 – 4 and a range of colours for $31.50. To the right is a charming little pinafore dress by Diddle & Ro. The pattern on the fabric is children flying kites and jumping rope. It’s available in sizes 1 – 3 for $60.00.

Handmade Girls Shorts

Next on the agenda, cute summer shorts for girls from Krumpet. I’m particularly fond of the strawberry design. It’s very sweet indeed. These shorts are available in various prints and sizes for $17.50.

Little Stitches Handmade Kids Clothes
Rounding out the bunch today we have a few goodies from the brand new summer collection by Little Stitches. This range is handmade from a selection of bright and funky designer cottons, with a hint of retro flair. I’m loving the boys Timmy Tailored Shorts.

That’s it for another working week folks. I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. Don’t forget to drop by and visit us over the weekend for some more handmade treats.

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