Give a pug a hug!

Whilst pondering what to write about this morning, I came across this curious looking Pug Portrait at Superstudio and thought to myself… everyone loves a pug! They’re little, they’re cute, they’re squishy and they’re just a little bit on the crazy side! Awww, look at those big brown eyes…

Pug Pet Portrait from Superstudio

Pug Art Prints

Pug Knitting Pattern and Crochet Beanie

Pug Mug 2011 Wall Calendar

All you need is pugs...

  1. Pug Pet Portrait from Superstudio
  2. Pugg Life Mixed Media Print by Retro Whale
  3. PUG ROCK Records Print from Gemini Art Studio
  4. Wasabi the Gregarious Pug Knitting Pattern by Danger Crafts
  5. Silly Doggy Crochet Hat by AmiAmigos
  6. Pug Mug 2011 Calendar by African Grey

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