Babes in Bonnets...

Today I get to combine two of my favourite things, introducing a fellow lover of handmade and swooning over her vintage styled reproductions. These delightful handmade bonnets are from the lovely Andrea at Karimu. They combine a classic old fashioned design with fresh, modern fabrics… and the end result is Simply Sweet with a capital S.

Karimu Handmade Baby Bonnets

The folks at Karimu specialise in finding unique and distinctive products that you won’t find in mainstream stores. This includes a collection of handmade items from some very talented indie designers. Their tagline reads “Because your little angel means the world to us too!” which, when paired with the adorable images of their little model {as pictured here}, gave me an “awwww” moment.

Handmade Ruffle Bloomers and Singlets from Karimu

Handmade Ruffle Bloomers by Karimu

A perfect pairing for the Karimu summer bonnets is this range of matching ruffle bum sets. Each set includes a pair of handmade ruffle bloomers {seriously, you can never have enough of these} and a cotton singlet sporting matching yo-yo roses. They come beautifully wrapped in a signature gift box, ready for gift giving. Pair one with a bonnet for Christmas Day and you’ll be able to hear the oohs and ahhs of Grandmas echoing throughout the neighbourhood.

Karimu Handmade Ruffle Bum Bloomers and Singlets

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