Christmas Wishlist... Stuff my Stocking!

Ho Ho Help Me! Christmas is fast approaching and there are stockings to be stuffed! Quick, put on your shopping shoes and grab some cool jewels for the yule…! Here’s a bunch of affordable handmade, fair trade and eco-friendly stocking stuffers for kids. Click on the picture to go directly to the store.

Handmade and Fair Trade Kids Stocking Stuffers

Click Clack Eco-Friendly Dump TruckPolkadot Hair Clips by Vanilla PixieKids Colouring Book by Moonmum
Aromaplay Play DoughFunhouse Static-Cling Mirror StickersClap Clap Eggs from Ollie Rose
Tutti Fruiti Handmade BraceletHandmade Hair Elastics by Ellie's Pretty ThingsShake Me Baby Rattles at Kawaii Kids
Sustainable Wood Spinning TopEco Soy Wax Crayon RocksShains Eco-Friendly Jewellery Starter Kit

Christmas Wishlist

  1. Click Clack Eco-Friendly Dump Truck from My Messy Room – $12.50
  2. Polkadot Handmade Hair Clips from Vanilla Pixie – $6.00
  3. Modern Colouring Book from Moonmum – $6.00
  4. Aromaplay Play Dough from Little yoyo Styles – $9.90
  5. Funhouse Static-Cling Mirror Stickers from MooWoo Handmade– $4.95
  6. Clap Clap Eggs from Ollie Rose – $5.00
  7. Tutti Fruiti Bracelet from Itty Bitty – $5.00
  8. Bear and Rabbit Hair Elastics from Ellie’s Pretty Things – $6.00
  9. Shake Me Infant Toys from Kawaii Kids – $10.00 {each}
  10. Sustainable Wood Spinning Top by Earth Tribe – $8.99
  11. Eco Soy Wax Crayon Rocks from Style Aficionado – $12.50
  12. Shains Eco-Friendly Jewellery Starter Kit from Tree Frog Toys – $12.95

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