Oddball Alphabet... The Letter S

Are you ready for your weekly serving of syllable shenanigans? It’s Oddball Alphabet time and today we’ve invited along the silly Mr S! S is famous for his tongue-twisters… Sam’s shop stocks short spotted socks… Shy Shelly says she shall sew sheets… Six slippery snails slid slowly seaward…

The Letter S - Sasquatch Big Foot Softie

Snaggletooth Monster Softie and Stormtrooper Print

Rocket Birdie and Sourpuss Kitten Art Prints

Sumo Wrestler Art Print and Socrates Magnet

Scary Silverware Print and Mary Poppins Notebook

Sacre Bleu Illustration and Shifty Fake Moustache

Bah Humbug Scrooge Print and Three Stooges Dolls

The Letter S

Sasquatch – Bigfoot Boy Softie by Mara & Belya Art Shop
Snaggletooth – Upcycled Monster by LEFTZ
Stormtrooper – Art Photo by Balakov
Supercharged – Peace Out Art Print by Michael Rapa
Sourpuss – Art Print by Deer Sweet Images
Sumo – Don Oyako Art Print by Fugo Toys
Socrates – Magnet by Simply Cute by Karin
Scary Silverware – Mini Art Print by My Zoetrope
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – Mary Popppins Notebook by Ivy Lane Designs
Sacré bleu – It’s About Time Art Print by Petit Reve
Shifty – Villain Moustache by Born Lippy
Scrooge – Bah Humbug Reindeer Dog Holiday Card by Monkey Mind Design
Stooge – Three Stooges Hand Painted Wood Figure Set by Wee Wood Be Pals

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