Oddball Alphabet... The Letter T

Happy Monday! It’s time for your weekly dose of Oddball Alphabet entertainment! Who’s our star of the day? He’s truthful and tactful and terribly talkative. He’s tidy and ticklish and never tedious. He’s tall and lean and occasionally mean… He’s The Talented Letter T!

The Letter T - Cute Handmade Baby Bib

Dr Who Tardis Art Print and Pirate Steampunk Necklace

Broadway Art Print and Teenager Gossip Cake Toppers

Back to the Future Dolls and Tattletale Pendant

Handmade Tetris Blocks and Scary Banana Art Print

Skeleton Baby Onesie and Angry Ballerina Art Print

Tarantula Shadowbox and Helvetica Art Print

Tongue – Cheeky Monster Baby Bib by Little Odd Forest
Tardis – Fancy Dress Dr Who Print by The Gorgonist
Telescope – Pirate’s Telescope Necklace by Grigio Design
Thespian – Memphis on Broadway Print by Squigs
Teenagers – Vintage Telephone Teen Cake Toppers by HeyYoYo
Time Travel – Back to the Future Wooden Peg People by Randomly Generated
Tattletale – Vintage Domino Picture Pendant by Geelizzie
Tetris – Set of 7 3D Tetris Blocks by Homespun Crafting
Terrorised – One Rotten Banana Print by Ticker Tape Parade
Thoracic – Skeleton Onesie by Green Sheep Apparel
Temper Tantrum – The Angry Ballerina Print by Moonlight Whispers
Tarantula – Real Spider Framed In Shadowbox by Butterfly Art
Typography – What the Helvetica Print by No-Preview

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1 comment to Oddball Alphabet… The Letter T

  • Thank you so much for featuring my Tetris blocks on your blog. Great blog, and I love the items you picked for the letter T.

    Geri @Homespun Crafting

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