Off the Peg... Summer 2011

Hello friends, today I’m delighted to introduce a new collection of handmade kids clothes from our friends at Off the Peg. The range has been designed by Ebony Balaz and is all about sleek clean lines with just the right amount of ruffle!

Off the Peg Handmade Kids Dresses

Summer 2011 by Off the Peg is a collection of casual wear for boys and girls, ages 4-10. Each piece is handmade by Ebony from quality cottons, and will be sold in a limited edition run {while fabric stocks last}. I must say, that the red dress with the polka dot collar is definitely my pick of the bunch. The red button up shirt is also a winner for the little guys… and the aqua reminds me of hot summer days and gelato by the beach!

Off the Peg Handmade Kids Clothes

Off the Peg Handmade Kids Clothes

You can find Off the Peg at the upcoming Mulgrave Makers Market on 19 Dec, 2010 . After the market, all remaining items will be listed in Ebony’s Madeit store.

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